Not A Merry Christmas For Me - An Original Song


Whaddya got beneath the tree for me
I hope it's something special and I can't wait to see
Cause last year I wasn't too lucky

The sun is setting into a winter's night
the snow's falling softly making fields of white
and everyone is ooh and ahh'n at the christmas lights

La la la we're singing our songs
La la la we're getting along
La la la and then I opened it up
La la la it's not the red fire truck that I wanted
that I need
gimme a break santa cantcha read?
Oh oh oh it's not a Merry Christmas for me.

I couldn't believe it. This just can't be true
santa what did I ever do to you?
im racking my brain but I haven't a clue

I wasn't naught but nice hey were you paying attention?
I picked up all my toys and hey did I mention
not once this year did I get detention

(repeat chorus)

OH oh says my Uncle Fred
It's not about the presents but about the love instead
you've got friends and family and that's all that you need
don't let yourself be all about the greed
just clap your hands and follow my lead

(repeat chorus)
It's the red fire truck that I wanted, that I need
Santa, well I guess you CAN read.
Oh-oh-oh it's a Merry Christmas
Ho-ho-ho it's a Merry Christmas
Oh oh oh It's a Merry Christmas for me!

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