While the rest of the world burns
I'm the only one who isn't on fire
It's seems that no one wants to catch onto me
I think that I could use a liar

to tell me
to tell me
that they love me
that they care
to not laugh at me for the clothes that I wear
to look up to me
when I'm in their sight
to hug me tight around the neck and tell me
they love me
that they care
to get lost in their eyes with every little stare
I need to hear that
I need to feel that
but life's not fair
life's not fair
I'll settle for a liar to tell me if nobody's there.

Spend the rest of my days here
i'm lost in a daze, dear
I need someone to show the way
I'm so used to alone
sitting on my throne
the king of a life wasting away

And I'm losing tiimmee
I'm commiting a crime
and the penalty is to large of a fee
I could use me a miss
to at least bear false witness
and liar to tell to tell me

(back to Chorus)

Please God don't tell me I'll be alone.
You need someone to make you feel good.
But you konw that a liar is the only one who could.

*that part needs work*

(final chorus)



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