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At 10:45am on March 30, 2011, Jenn U said…
LOL something like that happend to me once too! I had a dream that the kid i babysits dog died. so i went to babysit him and the dog came out and i was a little freaked. then the next time i went i was like hey wheres jack? but that time, the dog really did die.
At 7:58pm on March 29, 2011, Jenn U said…
Oh jeez. Tonight I went to a Zumba class that was being held in my schools cafeteria. There weren't many people there, and I was the only kid. Anyway, I was having fun with it and we were doing some weird dance when the entire boys baseball team walked outside and started staring through the window. When I turned around & saw them watching I was so embarrassed. If that wasn't bad enough, the school janitor decided he would watch us dance too. Creepy.
At 4:49pm on March 28, 2011, Jenn U said…

LOL awk. Here's a good one for ya -

so this one time, my dad was cleaning out the warehouse at his furniture store and found some discs with old commercial ads for the store on them. he brought some home and told me when i get a chance to see if they play on the computer and see which commercials they were. when i opened the file, it was not at all a furniture store commercial, but a porno video. later that day my dad asked me if it worked and i just real quickly answered "no. didnt work."  

At 7:18pm on March 25, 2011, Jenn U said…
awwww haha. so tonight i was performing at a local open mic show. after my performance i was sitting at a table with my mom watching the other acts, when who but my extremely awkward & nerdy science teacher & his wife & 2 sons walk in and sit at the table with my mom and i. bottom line, friday nights spent with my science teacher deserve a spot in the awkward battle.
At 10:01am on March 23, 2011, Jenn U said…
HA. So yesterday this kid in my music class decided to dress up as Abraham Lincoln - full fledged top hat and beard. When I asked why he had decided to dress up today he replied "well it was raining yesterday, I didn't want to ruin my suit." 
At 11:55am on March 21, 2011, Jenn U said…
Once I was babysitting and the mom left money to order a pizza. When the guy came i payed with a 20, not knowing how much it was. He gave me change and I gave it back to him as a tip. Apparently he had included the tip when he gave me change so he mumbled something awkwardly to himself then just said thank you and left. I was confused and then I felt bad for spending more of the mom's money than necessary.
At 4:27pm on March 18, 2011, Jenn U said…

Hahaha thats amazing. I was walking out of math class with my friend and she didn't see me so she turned around looking for me. I went over to her to tell her where I was. When I turned around I walked straight into a girls open locker door. 

She wasn't too happy about that.

At 4:13pm on March 15, 2011, Jenn U said…
Hahaha I still play my gameboy color. So sometimes I try to invent my own sayings because I get bored with modern speech. This boy was being nosy and budding into a conversation I was having with a friend. So I say "Hey buddy, keep your nose in your own bowl of milk, why don't ya?" 
Yeah that one didn't catch like wildfire.
At 3:07pm on March 15, 2011, Jenn U said…
Today while I was walking in the hallway at school, a freshman boy walking behind me was playing with a chinese yoyo. He walked a little too close, and got it stuck in my hair. It wouldn't come out so I had to run to the nurse and get them to cut it out. He didn't even say sorry.
At 6:09pm on March 14, 2011, Jenn U said…
HAHA. My ex and I hadn't talked much after we broke up, and after a few months he sent me a message saying he would like to be friends again. I was still kinda iffy about it so i pretty much disregarded the whole situation. One day at the park with my friend she was texting her friend who was also at the park with some friends and wanted to meet up. So we did and who was with her friend, but my ex bf. I told her I would we had to leave, but she reaaaally liked this kid and begged me to stay so they could hangout. Being the good friend I was, I spent an awkward day walking around the park with my ex and still not speaking. awk.
At 8:45pm on March 6, 2011, Jenn U said…
Well I want u to feel very awkward when you come back so I'll share another story of mine. 
I went to a band camp thing over the summer and the singer in my band was a little bit nuts. 
She had a bizarre obsession with lady gaga & mind you this was a rock camp so
The rest of us weren't feeling the whole lady gaga deal. After lunch one day I came into
The band room to find her crying in the corner because we didn't like lady gaga & were 
Apparently judging her. She proceeded to throw some choice phrases our way, until it got 
to the point that all the other ppl in the band just left the room. So I was stuck in the room 
with her & was forced to calm her down. I've never told so many lies in my life. 
At 11:28am on March 5, 2011, Jenn U said…

I have neck problems, and I crack my neck like ALL the time. I don't only crack my neck though, I crack my back, my elbows, my knees, my toes, my fingers, and my jaw.. and whatever else I can crack. People stare at me and give me weird looks whenever I do this. :/

At 6:25pm on March 4, 2011, Jenn U said…
Hahahaha that's hilarious!! And I don't think so.... but still. 
So I was at this concert and I was using the bathroom. When I came out the door to the guys bathroom was open and this total hottie from my school was using the urinal. Being the creep I am, I stared at him for a second. He turned around and saw me watching & gave me the weirdest look.
At 12:55pm on March 4, 2011, Jenn U said…
oh jeez. 
the other day my parents were out for the weekend so my bro threw a lil party wit some friends and said it was ok if i chilled with them. i was sitting on the bed in my basement talking to someone then i turned around and realized my brother & his gf were in the bed.
At 9:00pm on March 3, 2011, Jenn U said…
This one time when I was little, I was coming out of Sunday school at my church and went to find my mom. I saw her down the hallway so I ran to her with my arms wide open yelling "mommy". I hugged her leg then looked up and realized... it wasn't my mommy.
At 2:46pm on March 3, 2011, Jenn U said…
I was at a party for my friend and someone told a joke. I had a drink in my mouth and ended up laughing so hard that I threw up... but not all over myself... I caught it. 
At 5:14pm on March 2, 2011, Jenn U said…
wowwww. that is awkward. 
i was once ice skating with friends and the cha cha slide came on, so trying to show off i decided to jump when it says "2 hops this time"
i then proceeded by falling into the split position.. on ice.
At 10:01pm on March 1, 2011, Jenn U said…
Awkward and dumb situation #1: at a hey Monday concert with my friends.
We were trying to get the attention on one of the bandmembers on stage. We knew a guy in the bands name was jersey. 
So we kept yelling to him "jersey! Jersey!" to get his attention. 
We got his attention alright. He angrily yelled into 
The mic "my name is not jersey!!!!" it wasn't until
After the show that we realized his name was mike
And jersey quit the band.
At 9:41pm on March 1, 2011, Jenn U said…
Oh please, I'm just getting started. 
At 1:11pm on March 1, 2011, Jenn U said…
well that is awkward. i happen to know a man with a mustache that enjoys nail polish and coloring books. . .

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