I was introduced to Weezer back in 2001 with Hash Pipe. I was around 8
at the time, still listening to Backstreet Boys and N'SYNC along with
everyone else back then. Hash Pipe was a kick in the ass, and what I
truly believe to be the song that really introduced me to rock music.
Upon discovering Hash Pipe, my cousin made me copies of Blue and Green.
I was soon hooked, and decided to buy Pinkerton and (when released)
Maladroit. I hated Pinkerton and Maladroit when I first heard them. It
didn't have that feeling that Blue or Green had. As I grew older and
had my on and offs with love. During this time, I decided to check out
Pinkerton. At this point in my life, my dad had cancer, I was starting
to drift away from everyone socially, and I still hadn't found anything
stable in my life. Looking back now, it seems ridiculous that I was
worried about stability, especially since I was only 13 or 14 years
old. I had really gotten into The Good Life and El Scorcho around this
time, thinking that those two songs pertained to me; one was about
going back to the way things were before my dad had gotten sick, the
other about wanting to tell the girl i had been crushing on since 5th
grade how I felt about her. Now, at 17 years old, I've experienced
more. Now I can really relate to the whole album in such a way, words
can't really describe. I understand what Rivers is singing about in
Tired of Sex.. I don't want sex I want companionship! I want love!
Questions arise in my head when I find someone that I like, why bother
because in the long run I'll get hurt. Across the Universe could be
taken as a song that relates to the new age of social networking;
facebook, twitter. I can totally see myself falling in love with
someone over the internet that I have never met before. Of course, The
Good Life and El Scorcho still have the relatively same meaning as they
did back then, except different girl. Pink Triangle, a song about
falling for a lesbian, doesn't really have much to do in my life, but I
could really see something like that happening to me. Falling For You,
another song in vain of El Scorcho, is so amazing. Words can't
describe. Butterfly... I love Rivers metaphors. I'd love to spend more
time working on this, but it seems like what I've written has turned
into a review. I didn't really mean for it to turn into that, I meant
the whole thing to kind of be about how the album relates to my life.
Oh well.

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