weezablogapostathonathon Day 11: Die!

The only musicians that I've intentionally seen in concert more than once are Metallica, Iggy Pop, Paul Simonon (as part of Havana 3 a.m.), and our friends weezer. 

My first Metallica show was also my first huge, enormous, monster arena show. I felt a bit overwhelmed as I took in the great rock spectacle and the enthusiastic crowd.  I was getting comfortable and enjoying the show a lot, when during Creeping Death, the "DIE!" chant started. Now, I grew up during the big "oooh, metal is scary devil music" era when people would try to spread lies and burn albums and all that jazz. So when the entire crowd, thousands of people, started chanting "DIE!" together, I may have had a youth group flashback for a moment and felt a little uneasy.  Once my brain processed that no virgin was being brought on stage, no animals were at risk, I became amused, raised a fist and joined right in.  I kind of always thought that chanting "DIE!" at a concert was probably limited to that experience and the others I had at Metallica shows.

Well, leave it to weezer to break that mold. At the first show I went to this year, in New Hampshire, Rivers had a great time encouraging the crowd to shout the mighty and bold state motto: "Live Free or take a nap? No, no! Live Free or get outta town? No, No! LIVE FREE or..."  and the crowd yelled "DIE!!!!!!"

And THAT is how I ended up chanting "DIE!!!" at a weezer show.

Good times.

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Comment by Gohi on November 12, 2013 at 1:37pm
Shouting "die" has been proven to be very cathartic and reduces blood pressure.
Comment by Natkat on November 12, 2013 at 10:33am
Hahahaha! I'm trying to imagine you chanting Die... K... Now I'm scared :p
Comment by Adrianadesiree Vega on November 11, 2013 at 9:26pm
Well then... Lol

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