Too Close for Comfort.. Co-Incidence. Co-incidental. You see a door... suddenly.....

Weird when you hear songs (  I guess it could be Movies/Tv or Books ) that describe a circumstance, incident or similar, that's just so close to something real in your past, or present life that it seems just too creepily close to be co-incidence. Though, probably is.


Example ONE!: Song '1996' Artist 'The Wombats' Album "The Wombats Proudly Present.. This Modern Glitch"...

Lyric from song: 'She kissed me on the cheek,
                         She kissed me on the cheek, 
                         Right in front of the older kids...

Coincidence... In 1996, I was in Grade 5. That year, I was among a handful of fellow Grade 5 Students allowed to go on the Grade 6 camp to a place called Coolamatong (Irrelevant). BUT! On that camp, being a younger kid amongst older kids... I, on a night hike, was KISSED ON THE CHEEK, by one of the popular blonde girls from the Grade 6 class.. In front of everyone, It was big news in my small Primary School. I didn't know this girl well at all... but it certainly helped my cred. the following year of two. COINCIDENCE? Likely, yes. 


Example 2!.... You'll think I'm making this up, but I'm not. Once, a couple of years ago, i met and quickly was befriended by two females. One, A REDHEAD and another a female, one who was said to SHRED THE CHELLO... Though she wasn't half Japaneese, and I not Jello... Maybe i was, actually. 


EXAMPLE 3!... O Girlfriend... The song. The lyric "passing by your place every night, i used to.....alright. Seems kinda creepy in most circumstances.. UNLESS; your ex-girlfriend, LIVES ON YOUR STREET, and therefore you most often must drive past her house 'every night'. NOT CREEPY!


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