So I don't want it to be tomorrow... I hate Sundays. I just wrote a whole sob story about my Sundays but of course I deleted it. I think some things might be good for sharing and some are best kept private :) Maybe I still need to get comfortable with the whole blog thing. I guess just even typing it out and "letting it out" on paper or computer screen feels good (like someone is listening) but then I feel the need to delete it all. Just wanted to say thanks to Lisa for inspiring me to even attempt writing daily as I have found it to be therapeutic.. Especially at a time when I really need to vent...even though I haven't been posting all my venting ;) Anyway, I just found this and it made me smile.

Though I am dreading tomorrow, tomorrow night I am going on vacation. Likewise though I dread Sundays ( and work days for that matter)..I am working hard so that one day I won't have to dread them and that one day is my "tomorrow" that I am looking towards. I live by focusing on the present as a general rule, but sometimes I really need to look towards the future to keep me going...especially when the present gets really rough...

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Comment by Lisa on November 9, 2013 at 8:45pm
Hang in there, and enjoy your vacation! You're wise on the blog thing, I think. It is good to write things out sometimes, but many times that's just for you. Some bloggers are very open and treat their posts as diary entries, but I think of mine more like letters to friends. Thanks for doing this with us!

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