So I made the trek to Fall Frenzy in Tempe at Tempe Beach park.
Weezer (obviously) was the headliner. This was the first I time I saw Weezer & I was super excited to see them. Let me tell you they did not disappoint. I had sooo much fun & they really are really fun band to see. They threw out "Weezer" toilet paper into the crowd, dosed the crowd with water & tossed out beach balls. They made it a party atmosphere. River is CRAZY!! He jumps into the crowd & starts running around literally jumped up on row of ATM Machines to sing "Beverly Hills" then jumps down & people starting following him. Then he jumps on a fence hangs on to a pole from the VIP Tent & breaks into "Pork & beans" for a minute there I thought the fence was gonna give way or he was gonna fall...some how gets himself to the corner of the this tent hangs on to the awning...without skipping a beat. He just keeps running around the park & continuing to jump on random things. Finally he gets back on stage & dons a blonde wig & disco stick and breaks into "Poker face". Craziness!! These guys are insanely fun! I wanna see them again already!! It was well worth the heat & the money.

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