Okay, with the latest Alone 3 release, I have finally compiled my official version(s) of the "Songs from the Black H***" (Weezers almost post blue album release): tracklist 1 + 2, as well as a bonus, third disc, with outtake tracks/alternate tracks as well as the finalized versions of all studio release songs(Longtime Sunshine special coda mix,Devotion, Why ||Bother, No other one, Tired of Sex etc, etc). I house a medium scale recording studio, and have taken the time to splice the material/ quick mastering pass, and put it all in is fullest, flowing form(which does play out awesome btw) by deleting all stick/four count intros, and "one 2, 3, 4's at the begginning and ends). Ughh...I am a NERD but I have waited forever for this!!!!; I also completed an edited Reprise split (Alone 3 came out with the longtime sunshine and Superfriend reprise as one track)so in proper order, the reprise follows its proper place, after its respected song. Should make sense. And finally, I have compiled all official and unofficial(Wikipedia)info, as well as liner notes on the subject in full out Booklet form(working at a sign shop doesnèt hurt).With the Rivers cover(font on a purpl-y- backgound, as well as that awesome fan pic that was online forever. My question is, is there anyone in the Weezer camp interested in a copy being sent to themÉ I have no interest in posting online and getting sued into the sky. I just feel as an artist myself, Ièd be way into someone remastering and compiling an older project. Also in superfan releated geekdom, I opened for Weezer last summer and it was rad. Go Sarnia Bayfest!

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