So I apologize to you and to anyone else that I hurt too

Last night I made a mess. I got upset about the dumbest thing. Really upset and really dumb thing ( k maybe not so dumb to me or obviously I wouldn't have been upset) I totally lost perspective and was impulsive and said not nice things that I definitely didn't mean and didn't think about the consequences and how it might hurt and affect others around me that I love. Thankfully those that I hurt forgave me as they know me well and know that I can be very impulsive with things I say and I don't mean to be mean. I love how music is a kind of poetry that though its an outlet for some to deal with their emotions at the same time it also benefits the listener by helping the listener remember that they are human and these things happen to others too. I must note that I am aware not all music or songs do this and no one can relate to everything obviously... But when a song helps you through and you feel's a great feeling... It's like the song is talking to you in a way ( I said LIKE... I'm not crazy here :) ) Anyway even though all is forgiven on all fronts I still feel awful
Maybe if I blog about it and tell the world how sorry I am it might help. Like standing on top of a giant mountain and yelling IM SORRY.... Eh ....goodnight

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