Seth Green, Friendly Advice, Advised... not a close friend. Not really even a fan.



Robot Chicken. I do NOT like robot chicken. I watch it occasionally. I am a massive fan of the O.G Adult Swim shows, and a selection of the more recent productions. 

Also, as you might guess, I am a massive fan of POP.-Culture/Camp/Action-figures/Graphic Novels etc.. My personal obsession involving Superheroes/Super-villains.... (Yes, even pre-Sheldon/The Big Bang Theory)  

The brilliant simplicity and concept of Robot Chicken is, I would guess, every nerdy, graphic novel loving, Comicon-costumed, Lightsaber wielding, guy or gals wet dream. The potential endless... The freedom and opportunity to give something that's been such a large part of your life a little bit of yourself.


My frustration is significant. It is frustration. It is aggravation, Irritation, bordering on anger, sadness, disappointment and a bit bewildering...

Robot Chicken  only airs 11 minutes a week. ELEVEN MINUTES... In however long the process of production takes, the writers only need eleven, or less, minutes of comic material, with such a vast library of potential comic styles... Satire/Homage/Absurdist.... It's about as free range as writing goes really. Whatever fathomable, more than likely it can be done. 


I think that writing team, Seth, 'other guy', the other Seth (sometimes).. and all their BFF's who come along week after week, While clearly are amusing themselves.. They are cheating their audience, cheating and insulting viewers eleven minutes a week, for part of 5 years.

The writing is subpar to any comedy on any station in any format.. It's lazy (all too often the jokes chosen sexual arbitration over anything clever or different). I think they take advantage of a young audience, and insult the intelligence of their older audience.. But mostly, and most infuriatingly. They insult the names/brands/character(s) and the fans/enthusiasts to whom the show's characters, etc.. are significant, positive, reminders of their past, their present, or both. 


I know It's meant in humor and fun. But It just feels like Seth and co. are giving us first drafts. Charring out clips that reek of laziness, and pubescent sleaze.. 


Seth, I would beg of you... Sell the show. The concept.. the inventory, production team. Let the writing be done by those who want to be doing it... who'd do it for free. Not punch out eleven minutes a week, as quickly as possible, seeing how many far you can push the boundaries of what people are willing to take (gay, genital references, sexualization of beloved characters, arbitrary sleaze, and bigotry). 


And now...THE SINGLE MOST annoyingly-in-your-face Irritant regarding Robot Chicken.. you; SETH GREEN, you..... You are no voice actor. At least you shouldn't be.


You know what ALL of your infinite character voices sound like SETH? ...they sound like SETH GREEN doing a voice


Deep voice SETH...

High pitch SETH..

Douche accent SETH.. no that's your talk show guest voice.. 

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