Pinkerton - Deluxe Edition and Death To False Metal

FINALLY! They're both here.

I must explain that because I'm in the UK, I was unable to get the complete fan package from the store sent to me, as they do not offer international shipping.

Karl, being the top guy he is, offered to have my package sent to his address, where he would then send it on to me.

Now Karl must have been expecting his own set of every promotional goodies for the releases, so when he recieved MY package, he assumed it was his and opened the CDs and vinyl.

But this wasn't a problem in my eyes - I would have opened the CDs to listen to them, and the vinyl to look at the packaging anyway.

But Karl offered - off his own back - to send me some extra goodies to make up for his mistake.

Well, this morning the box arrived!

Not only did I get my CDs, vinyl, lyric booklet, model kit and signed picture that I ordered, but Karl had added:

1. Sticker sheet featuring every album art as stickers.
2. The Blue Album lyric booklet.
3. The Blue Album CD - signed by Mikey Welsh around 2001 - part of the signed CD series that the weezer store had for sale.

I couldn't believe that. What a true gent Karl is.

He had also used a piece of cardboard to write me the following letter:

"Hi Richard!

Sorry again - hope whats here eases the "pain"!

Note - they put packing tape RIGHT OVER the Pink + DTFM CDs - when I got them, the only way to SAVE the stickers was to cut the packing tape around them - you'll see.

White envelope was included in ultimate fan pack - includes ALL it had.

And the sticker sheet, blue lyric sheet, and MIKEY signed blue are all my adds.



Just. Plain. Awesome.

Thanks again Karl.

Off now to upload the pictures and listen to the choons.

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