Nablopomo has come to an end. I have not done the full 30 posts but I think I have done plenty... I'm new to the "blogging" thing and have never even been consistent with keeping a diary or anything so this was an accomplishment for me :) This is goodbye but also hello as I feel whoever has been reading my posts knows me a little more. With that said I found blog posting to be a little difficult as I don't want my blogs to be too personal and yet I find it hard not to be. Maybe I might start keeping a personal journal of some sort as I realized its ok to miss a day or two and just come back, pick up, and and keep going. Either way...this no one will ever know :p

I would like to finish off with a thank you to Lisa for inspiring us and getting us going with this thing and a thank you to Weezer for their music and energy that inspires us and reaches us in different ways and seems to have fostered great friendships among their fans.

And now that this is over that little sappy part of me that has been exposed is going to burrow back underground

Peace Shalom

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