Well Ima have to do this at midnight coz I'm not really going to have any time for it later in the day seeing as I have work, and I'm committed to finishing a 30day challenge at least once in my life.

Anyways tho as I was saying last blog if you happened to read it was about influences bands have over me. Well music in general but since this is a website for Weezer I'll specify how they have influenced me.

I'll start off with one of my strongest points which falls back into, they've been apart of my life, since my life began, which is emotional connection. As far as listening to them, and specially certain songs. Which I'll get into, I can connect to or they remind me of "the good ole days" back when I was younger. Back when that grandmother who taught me all I know was still alive. Listening to Weezer with her, rocking out to "say it ain't so" are sweet sweet memories (which make me want to go back there (pun intended))

Going on the cruise this year is probably going to be a very bittersweet experience, knowing her if she were still alive she would have busted her rear end to get us on that cruise. And I know that dispite my former finaical hardships she was watching over me and enabled me to be able to magically afford this cruise (and still be adult and get my bills paid) and I know she'll be with me there in spirit.

Say it ain't so in particular is that one song that I will always love and has so many connections for me be they literal (to the context of the song) or just plain memories such as listening to my grandmother or gathering weekly with my best friend and his friends to play some Rock Band. Or even to listening to the song as comfort (as well as to keep my sanity and yes I'll go this deep like I said I will bare all, keep me alive literally (during my depressive years)) after said grandmother passed away.

Up til I went to the Ohio (Monsoon concert) I never really thought about how important this band was/is to me. But when I think about everything, which I'll explain more in the coming month, I am so proud to have a good 3 inch tattoo dedicated to them right on my arm for the world to see.

Ugh I hope you all don't think I'm crazy but then again I don't really give a damn what people think anymore. But yep that's the hardest one to share, the one to get out of the way. Expect only happy blogs posts from here on out.


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