The Special Goodness visit my house in 1999. was the place to be for Weezer fans in 1998-1999. Pat gave us some of our only glimpses into the Weezer world at the time. It was pretty exciting. A picture here, a picture there. They mentioned the band Fu Manchu quite a bit. I didn't know what to make of it, but when Pat announced that the Special Goodness were going on tour and they needed places to crash I knew what I needed to do. EMAIL KARL.

Fast forward to the show. Karl and the gang show up and I help them up to the 3rd floor of Club Laga. I carried Mikey's bass. We got up there, the band soundchecked, and I pointed out to Pat that the flyer said the band would be "playing all the Weezer hits". Gulp. Weird stuff. The band ended the show with the famous "Weezer Karaoke" mp3 that most die hard fans have heard. Other great moments from the show? Giving Mikey 25 cents to play Pac Man, talking to Karl about The Clash, and Pat teaching me how to play "Congratulations" on guitar. What a killer riff.

Fast forward to the end of the show. The band, in their blue van, follow me back to my house. For an hour or two, we just sat around, talked about music, and recouped. Various band members made calls to their significant others and then called it a night. My biggest bummer? I had to leave early in the AM to take a midterm exam on Romantic era poetry. I told Pat I wanted to skip it but he said "ahhh, don't miss that dude. We're just gonna eat breakfast and head out." I aced my exam and Pat and the gang ate breakfast. I think my Mom made them pancakes.

Hi Rivers! You should play "Devotion"!
The first time I saw Weezer live was in January 1997 at Metropol in Pittsburgh. I had convinced my friends to go to the show like 7 hours early in hopes that I would catch some glimpse of the band. I did. Pat signed my "If it's too loud, turn it down" ringer t-shirt. I got to wave hello to Matt and he waved back. Very cool. The temperature was about 20 degrees outside and my 16 year old bones were cold. It was time for me to camp out in the local comic book/music store Eides for awhile. But...the tour bus door opened and out came Rivers. I said hello to him and he stopped and said hi to me. I asked him to autograph my Buddy Holly CD single and he did. While he was doing that, I popped a question: "Will you play Devotion tonight?" He smiled, and said "wait for soundcheck" and then went inside the venue.

I didn't ever make it to Eides. Instead, I sat outside the venue until the doors opened and I got my soundcheck. Rivers came through, and a muddy yet enjoyable version of "Devotion" leaked out of the building. Oh yeah, the show was really wonderful as well.

What's that song? Mystery Weezer song played at a 2000 era soundcheck.
Read the post above to get the gist of me arriving insanely early at Weezer shows. Weezer played an odd venue called "Runwayz" in Buffalo, NY in 2000. It was odd because the stage was like pretty much right next to a airplane runway. The planes got in the way of the sound at certain points, but the show and soundcheck had some great moments. Weezer performed a song at soundcheck that I still haven't heard to this day! I wanna say it was "No More Disappointments" but I'm most likely wrong. The show was great, as Weezer debuted "Peace and Quiet" and I got to meet Pat's awesome wife and most of Karl's wonderful family backstage after the show. But what is that song they played? KARL?

Getting letters in the mail from Mykel and Carli
It's easy to say that I was immediately hooked when I heard the Blue Album for the first time in 1994, but in all honesty it was Mykel and Carli that got me thinking I was into something pretty amazing when I received my first letter in the mail from them in 1995. Like any newbie Weezer fan, I was packed to the brim with questions (just ask Karl). I wrote epic 3 page letters to Mykel and Carli and hoped they'd answer my questions. The coolest thing about them? They did, and with an amazing attention to detail. I looked forward to their letters (with their beautiful handwriting and amazing Blue Album stationary). Even though I never met them in person, I cried a lot when they passed away in 1997. I felt like I lost two really great friends. I have a lot of trouble listening to "Mykel and Carli" to this day. Without them and their simple little letters, I may not be a Weezer fan.

Going to see DJ Shadow live with Karl.
Karl turned me onto DJ Shadow in around 1998. "Entroducing" was all that he said it was: a mind blowing, life changing album. It has been in my personal top 10 since then. So, when I saw that DJ Shadow was coming to my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, it was a no brainer that I'd go see him. I sent off a quick email to Karl asking if he'd like to join me (he was in Buffalo, NY at the time) and to my amazement he said yes.

We drove down from Edinboro, PA to Pittsburgh, PA and took in some record stores before heading to see DJ Shadow. It was a day full of awesome music talk and it showed me just how cool the Weezer community can be. Karl's just a normal dude like me and you.

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Comment by Justin Hoenke [honkey doorie] on October 14, 2010 at 9:20am
I have to be honest Karl. I can't even remember a shred of it. It sure wasn't "Peace and Quiet" because I'd recall that when I heard it during the show. Very 2000-esque with a simple melody, structure, etc. Could it have been "No More Disappointments"????

For some reason that keeps coming up in my head.
Comment by karl koch [karlophone] on September 16, 2010 at 9:39pm
damn what was that song at Runwayzzz??? if you can remember even a scrap of the melody or the vibe of it, sing it or play it on something, and send me a mp3. ill be able to tell if i can recognize it.

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