My profile picture is of my late cat, Weezer J.Cat

I moved into a new apartment at the same time I got my cat Weezer. This was back in '95. I had to wait a month to
get cable. I was forced to watch The Box, a call in music video channel,
instead of MTV. My roommate (my Brother Ryan) and I had never hear of Weezer, but The Box had a listing for a song called "The Sweater song, (Undone Finally)." Since
the channel was filled with 2 Live Crew and Sir Mix-a-lots, we figured
it had to be a sleazy rapper who managed to find himself surounded by women in bikinis (for the record, I have some Sir Mix-a-lot's cd and at one time I had a 2Live Crew cassette tape) . I imagined this Flavor Flav looking guy, real skinny and short in stature .
Then one day
I got home and it was the second or third day we had cable and I would get home and flip on MTV, this was 95 and they actually were Music Television and they would play music videos. As I waited for the picture to boot in the audio came on and it was this song I had been hearing on the radio. It was what I call three quater speed song and it had male and female voices in the background. It turned out to be "The Sweater Song". I had this black cat for a about a month and I had been calling him "Weasel" becasue he kept getting into things and going where we did not want cats going. So, that day is when Weez got his name.

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