For those who may not have seen past blogs of mine, this is a little info on my CO adventure. This was my first time to really get to be at a Weezer concert! I was so excited! Before they were able to come on, they had to take the big W down because of the wind, and so it would not fall and hurt someone! While waiting before they came on, the screens had to be lowered down because of the wind, and were right in front of me; talk about being bigger than life, and up close and personal! They came on, and I was so glad! I took tons of pictures, and enjoyed it very much!; the only problem was being at a fest, and they don't get to play as long, and it ended too soon for me! Well folks, I left right after Weezer, and had a hard time finding my car, along with other people wondering around trying to find their own car. PS- Weezer was the headliner at Fall Frenzy, in Tempe AZ, Sept 18, but still didn't get to play as long as hoped! I want to make it to a reg concert where Weez is really the big show! I was wishing for The Memories Tour, but I'll have see what happens, and go from there! Well Folks, keep Weezing!

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