When I was 13, the Blue album came out.
I loved it. It was my favorite cassette tape, later my first Compact Disc.

I had a weezer t-shirt in high school it was dark blue with the white lettering.
I went to a small school far from any big cities, and most of the kids didnt know who weezer was, and began to call me by the nickname 'weezer' because of the shirt. I didn't mind.

I didn't love Pinkerton when it came out. It was over my head.

A couple of years later, when I was done with high school, I gave Pinkerton another chance... It was instantly my favorite album. The burned copy of Pinkerton that I had, didn't leave my Discman for the better part of a year.

When I started to play the guitar, I learned all of my favorite weezer songs and a few by Nirvana.

When the Green album came out, I loved it! it was right up my alley, more pop punk. Really catchy, great guitar tone! It was my new favorite.
It was about this time when I first saw weezer, they were playing a small show in a cafeteria in washington DC where I happened to be visiting my grandmother at the time. I tried to get in, but only 80 tickets were given out and I didnt get one. So I waited outside, and as the band walked from "backstage" to the cafeteria, I managed to say 'hi' and wave, and they were nice enough to smile and wave back. I listened to the concert from outside.

When I was in college, Maladroit and Make Believe came out, I liked them a lot, but by this time i was busy with my own music. I still remember those two albums playing in the car on long road trips up and down the west coast. With Pinkerton thrown in once in a while.

When I finished school, I moved to Portland Oregon, built a recording studio, got married, got a dog, settled down.

I never would have guessed that weezer would again come back into my life in a major way.
2008 came along, and I heard about this youtube project with Rivers Cuomo from weezer. I had to check it out!
It had been going for a while and the song was almost finished, but I still had to get involved!
I arranged the song, and recorded a new version in my studio. Wrote a bridge, intro, outro, guitar solo... basically finished what everyone else had started.
I made a video to go with it and uploaded it....
the next week, Rivers posted a new video, and I was shocked to see that he mentioned me by name and loved the new version of the song!
Soon after I got emails from the band and their management, asking for the multitracks, and basically being really cool to me.
The song was soon finished, and the final version online featured all of my music and Rivers cuomo singing lead vocals.
Dream come true.

Then the red album came out. I loved it! I was back into weezer as much as I ever was.
They did a hootenanny tour, and I got to go and play guitar and sing and meet the band, it was great!
Then they did a stadium tour, with mini hootenannies, I played trumpet at one of those and nailed the solo in 'beverly hills' it was an amazing experience.

Then I moved down to Gold Beach, a small town on the Oregon Coast.
A Year had gone by since the youtube project, I had heard rumors of the song being on an album but it never happened. Then I got a phone call from Rivers Cuomo. He wanted me to take another stab at the song we had all written together. He was hoping for a more polished studio recording done to a click track that he could then finish for a potential release in the future.
I was so excited! It was a dream come true again!
So I started over on the song, this time being very careful to Make a great sounding recording and play all the parts as well as I could.
I had a good friend of mine come and play the drums because I'm not quite good enough to get it 'perfect'.
When we had a track that I thought was really good and well performed/recorded... I sent it off to the band.

Raditude came out. The song wasn't on it and I was a little disappointed, but I understood. I loved that CD and it will always remind me of my time living at the beach and working on a song with Rivers Cuomo.

Another Year went by.
Hurley was scheduled to be released. Again, the song would not be on it.
This time though, I did hear about 'Death to false metal'
How cool is that?

So, now, on the cusp of it's release, I'm more and more excited for the world to hear this project, that has been a big part of the past two years for me.
Here's hoping that the fans love the song as much as I do.
Thanks Weezer, For everything.

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