It's hot as hell out. I am currently sitting at a cafe called Agora in Houston, TX. I am drinking hot tea instead of beer because it's cheaper and does not leave me feeling woozy. Last night, I came up with an insane marketing idea. I thought I would email random bands to tell them about my new ebook. Bands such as Weezer have been mentioned in my book Gypsy multiple times. So I found a website that claimed to have real band email addresses. Lies I tell you. These addresses were phony. -At least a majority of them were. maybe this is what I get for trying to shamelessly promote my ebook. Sales have been embarrassingly low. 

Don't think that I have not tried to market my book. I have created a website called just for the ebook. I have also written blogs on Wordpress. At the bottom of each blog, I add links to the website and to the places that are selling my ebook. I have also written about Gypsy on Myspace,Twitter and Facebook. I am on the verge of putting fliers on people's cars...actually, I really could not go that far. That's going too far.


At the end of the day, I know I have tried my best. It's not easy trying to make it as an author. I wish I didn't care about sales but I do. I see it as a game and I want to get more points. I am not satisfied with a low score. Can anyone blame me? what happened to the days when I had little concern with how many views I received for a blog?


Aside from trying to get the word out about Gypsy, I have been trying to get more freelance work. Luckily I am meeting with some folks who are working on a comic graphic novel next week. they need someone to help with the editing, content and images. We'll see what happens. I just finished my first semester of grad school for technical communications and I am broke as hell. I was hoping that writing could serve as a potential revenue stream...but that may not work out as well as I hoped. Luckily, I still have tutoring and coaching to help pay bills. I might be working as writing center over the summer. I had a stable job before my grandmother had a heart attack and I sort of dropped everything to try to take care of her. Now I realize that it was not smart to drop everything. I should have agreed to help out 3 days a week and not 6. She's in a hospice center now so there is no excuse for me to not have a job. I visit her as much as I can.


Why am I dishing out everything on this blog? I don't even write this much personal information on my own Wordpress blog. I guess it's easier to reveal everything when no one is reading. This is a new blog on a Weezer site. I should be writing about Weezer. I have many fond memories of jamming to Weezer songs in high school with my best friend Lisa. we used to blast the Blue album in her truck as we drove around the city. Those were some great times.

I promise that I will write a better blog next time that does not jump from topic to topic sporadically. I would say cheers but I am not drinking this week. Adios will do instead.

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