So, new, new features, and a new community based, sharing site.
Loving it.
I've been collecting and listening to weezer since summer 2001 - The Green Album was my very first weezer purchase after hearing and falling in love with both Hash Pipe and Island In The Sun.
Now, some people will say "ah, so you weren't there at the start". Not quite.
Being in the UK, US artists rarely make an impression. Except for a four piece appearing in an episode of Happy Days. Buddy Holly was technically my first weezer song - way back when I started high school. Always loved it as it was SO different.
Fast forward 6 years, and someone mentioned the song again, talking about the video. It got me remembering the song, and I downloaded a midi version, which I still have today.
That was 2000, and weezer in the UK was seemingly invisible.
Then, Hash Pipe. Sumo westlers. And the realisation of who the band was.
Island In The Sun soon after. California hills. That flying monkey. That was it, I was hooked on weezer.
I must have the album.
The rest is history. I've followed weezer everyday of my life. And gathered, I think, a pretty impressive collection across the 9 years of its existence.
Karl has been nothing but a gentleman over the years, advising and confirming any items I ask him about - taking time out of his precious (and awesome) life to help little old me.
And now, Karl has invited me to ACTUALLY ADD CONTENT TO THE OFFICIAL SITE. *Picks jaw up from floor*.
There's going to be LOADS of new items becoming available due to the new album - and hopefully I'll be collecting as much of them as possible.
Its my honour to finally share my love, and my collection with every weezer fan in the world - I hope you enjoy the journey.

=W= weezercollector =W=

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