So I drop off my kiddo at school today and one boy from another classroom sees her. He calls out to her and yells "remember when we smashed the window and there was glass everywhere"!! All the doors are open and the teachers that heard all peek out to the hallway and give me questionable glances. My kid chuckles and I look down and ignore. ({ the story behind this}} We were at an adults birthday party this weekend and all the kiddies ( ages about (3-7)) decided that they were making their own party in the basement. Being the extra vigilant mom that I am ( my girl is 3 and hanging out with all these wild older boys)I kept on going down to check on them ( and getting yelled at. ... No parents allowed). at one point I was thinking this is good that I'm checking up every so often Bec we really can't hear anything that's going on down there. Anyway... As I am thinking this and going down the stairs my heart stops as I hear a collection of frantic screams and cries. I run down and I see glass everywhere ( the door to the room had a glass panel/ window). I'm not wearing my glasses and I can't tell if I see blood or just red faces from crying. I can't get the door open / it's jammed. I quickly ran up and got help. Turns out the door got jammed and then the kids freaked out and smashed the window in attempt to get out. One kid got a little scraped but nothing serious. Though the kids really smashed up the place and thought it was funny after the fact. ( side note- one of my daughter's favorite songs is everybody get dangerous)

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Comment by Adrianadesiree Vega on November 18, 2013 at 7:34pm
Hope everyone is ok

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