Yeah, the old blogathon is taking its toll on the participants here as we approach mid month. Thanks and good job to everyone participating! I almost think working on a novel would be a bit easier in terms of thinking of something to say.

I have used weezerpedia for writing prompts. You can just go there and dial up a random page and see where that takes you. Or maybe you run across a topic of interest during the course of your day. Maybe it's more like a diary entry. It can be whatever you like.

I really like having something new to read here on each day. It's fun to check in and see a few posts! It's a place where we can stay up to date with info from Karl and news and opinions from other members. As things get more exciting with the cruise coming up and new music on the way, I hope we fans can use this as a place to get the latest and meet each other and share our opinions. The weezer fan community is alive and well in many places and on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, other sites, and that is cool, but I like having the official site. There will always be the next big thing in terms of social media, but I hope becomes/stays the home base for all of us and many more fans.

=w= <3!

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Comment by Adrianadesiree Vega on November 12, 2013 at 8:05pm
I just kinda use it as a diary whenever the mood strikes I write if not before the end of the day I force myself haha

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