As November concludes, so does my daily blog. A big shout out to Lisa, whose idea it was in the first place, to experiment with the concept. Thanks also to Natkat and Adrianadesiree. I enjoyed reading your posts.

I often find that when I am experiencing life to the fullest, I have the least amount of time or opportunity to record that experience in writing. Of course not everything needs to be documented. It is good however to remember the good times and to learn from the bad.  Sharing a good laugh with friends, listening to live music, learning something new...these are some of the things I most enjoy in life.

Of course that is where 'social media' proves itself such a useful tool. As technology develops further, so does our potential to reach out and communicate. My most vivid memories tend to be those conveyed in photographs and sound.

For those of us who lead busy lives, a shared 'tweet' or comment online can be an excellent way of staying in touch with the world around us. The wider community that extends beyond our immediate circle of friends.

So what have I learned or gained from this month's blogging? I have learned the value of discipline. If you really want to commit to something, then make a little time each day in order to achieve it.

I have also reminded myself of the value of friendship.

Cheers to you all and I'll see you online soon and of course next year for the cruise!


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