So apparently, November is National Blog Posting Month. Encouraged by my friend Lisa, I am making a little time to reflect and to share my thoughts with friends.

   I've frequently enjoyed reading the blogs of contemporary writers, artists, mothers, activists and others. It's an effective way to share experiences in a concise and direct way.

   I grew up with the culture of handmade zines and tour diaries. The diaries of Kim Gordon and Thurtson Moore come to mind. This was in a time before the internet. (Yes that time existed). I appreciate how new technology and media can potentially connect people to ideas, music and more. It may also lead to new friendships.

   I'm terribly inconsistent when it comes to keeping a written journal, so I may need a little nudge from friends to keep this going ;)

   As day one of said blog comes to a close (at least it does for me as it's time for dinner), I realize I've said absolutely nothing on the subject of Weezer. Well, there's plenty more days in this month :)


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