Hey there! I'm still a sniffly mopey mess, but I wanted to try to share some concert tips. Thanks for the suggestions on the last post; I'll include them here.

Pre-show: Stay aware of upcoming show dates. Follow weezer on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram, and it doesn't hurt to do searches, especially on twitter. Sometimes the venue will say weezer is coming before you hear it elsewhere.

Once you know a show date, assess the feasibility. Is it near you, or somewhere you're willing to travel? Is the date good for you? Do you have friends in the area to go with? As Adrianadesiree said, it's great to go with someone. I have met some great folks at shows who were flying solo, though, usually because their partner wasn't into weezer (how do these people stay together?), so maybe you can brave it or meet up with other fans once you're there. Establish friendships. I've seen several consecutive shows in Chicago with a guy I met at Riotfest who's a huge weezer fan and a really awesome show buddy.

So, you know about the show and it's somewhere and sometime convenient for you. Do not drop the ball now! Make sure to be aware of presale dates and important info like if the show is General Admission or ticketed seats. If it's not GA, you'll need to be on the ball to snag good seats and experience the ticket buying rush. Plan ahead! Set up a weezertix.com account or a ticketmaster account. See if the venue is having a presale code. Start your show play book now, with all the info you need. Outdoors/indoors, age restrictions, camera policy, all that jazz. Be online when the sale opens and purchase that ticket! The upcoming NY show sold out in a matter of hours so take some action fast, yo.

You have your ticket(s)! Congrats. Well-played. Now what? Ask around and see who else from the boards is going. Check out the venue map and doors policy to see when you can start lining up (for GA). Scope the area for food and a hotel if you'll need one, or even better, stay with a friend who is going. If you're flying, get the travel sorted out.

Check for other shows in the area! Take advantage of show schedules that
will let you catch more than one show per trip to maximize your weezer concert dollars. A weezer weekend, or even a trifecta is an awesome experience if you can swing it.

It's finally show day! Woo hoo! Have your plan in place for travel, make sure your tickets are with you or at will-call, check the weather report and dress appropriately, and if you take a show purse, have it stocked and ready. In my show purse I like to pack eye drops, lots of gum, chap stick, a granola bar, a sharpie in case you see anyone and want to ask for an autograph, money, tickets or receipt for will-call. What am I forgetting? What do you take? I like to bring something fun along too, to share with people. Glow bracelets are fun to pass out to people around you, for example.

Before the show make sure to hydrate like crazy. You will want to do this early in the day and keep it up until about an hour before your last opportunity to take a leak. Also eat strategically. Lots of protein is good and a big gnosh before the show will get you through the waiting in line, openers, and the show. Don't want your fun to be ruined by hanger! Charge your phone and extra power supply. You'll want to tweet and text while you wait in line, so you don't want to see show time come with only 5% battery left. Maybe pack a snack or some sandwiches if you'll be in line for hours. Bring water too. You may need to buy more once you're in the venue, so plan for that.

You're there at the appointed time. This will depend on the venue, the city, other fans, etc. Grab a spot and make some friends, because it's going to be a while. Also these folks will be cool if you need to step out of line for food or bathroom breaks. Fans helping fans! Speaking of bathroom breaks, as NatKat suggested, this is important as close to doors as you can manage. If the show is GA you may be reluctant to leave your spot once you're in. Never pass up the opportunity to pee.

When it's almost time for doors, be ready. Have your ticket and ID out, be ready for the security check or pat down, and get ready to walk really quickly (no running in most places) to your desired spot. What a feeling of relief when you're finally in position and ready to rock! Relax and enjoy the people around you and the opener, cause it's all good now! Enjoy the show! :)

What did I forget? What's your advice?

=w= <3!

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