I'm not sure that I'm really a fan of this daily blog thing. I think that I may be better suited to publishing something as it seems relevant or as the mood suits me. In any case, I made the commitment for November and so here I am.

The seasons have shifted into gear, the blue skies and warm weather replaced with fierce winds and heavy clouds looming on the horizon. We've seen deer in the car park and heard the howls of coyotes in the woods. It's quite exciting really, to be living within such close proximity to wild animals, albeit temporarily.

This afternoon, I made some time to take a walk and to listen to some songs, some familiar, some new. It feels good to hear new sounds. I'll be checking local gig guides to see which bands are playing this week. Hopefully something exciting.


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Comment by Natkat on November 12, 2013 at 10:41am
Me 2 Danielle. I'm here to try support noblopomo... But I've never even been successful with keeping diaries. I guess this is good practice for me to be consistent with something. However, as much as I'm a fan I don't think I can write something weezer related everyday...so i'm just using lyrics to get me going...( is this cheating?) Anyway..I just got an idea from your post :)

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