Because posting that long as title only took 3 days to get old. Lol butttt I'm still at it. I'm surprising myself. Usually with these things I only manage to last a day or two but I've doubled my usual! Woo

But anyways last you read I was talking about my career. I like to do little recaps. I dont know why. But moving on. I think today I'll talk a bit more about that but I'm going to relate my last two posts.

I have a very strong theory I guess I'll call it err opinion. I've been called crazy multiple times for this. I've been called crazy to be willing to travel 5+ hours for a band because of this thought, and i didn't know it at the time but willing to get a tattoo for a band coz of this thought ( the reason I generalize is because I have plans for other band tattoos not just our dear Weezer)

[i like to break really quick to lol because my mom made me make a pandora station, and she told me to make a Weezer station]

But anywhosies I like to think that umm artists (musicians, actors, directors, etc) are heroes of sorts. Yes I said it, people worthy of looking up to.

People say I'm crazy for thinking this because my heroes should be "actual heroes" or "actual people" and not celebrities. Such as ya know police and firefighters, doctors etc. granted yes those people are my heroes I have two issues with those comments
1) celebrities aren't people?
2) who are you to judge who I deem heroic

I find it sick that people call people who value celebrities crazy or stupid. If said celebrity saved someone's life it shouldn't f****** matter that they are famous.

I know someone who literally had little cuts all over her arms, and those cuts stopped because she listened to lady gagas music. And it spoke to her. Now I'm not a fan of lady gaga, but if that lady saved one of my friends with her music props to her

And as I said before I can honestly say that in addition to some other band, Weezer has done the same for me. If I'm crazy for getting a tattoo to honor that, drive 5+ hours, sit in a monsoon, go on a cruise to honor that. I more than welcome the label of crazy.

I think that's it for now. Haha maybe comment with you hero, celebrity or not?


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Comment by Lisa on November 4, 2013 at 8:45pm
If friends suggest that I'm too much a fan of weezer, I just observe their behavior regarding their favorite sports teams, and suddenly I'm back on the reasonable spectrum. :)

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