Today's been good! The local independent radio station has been rocking my mornings lately, but I thought I'd disclose what's in my car's cd changer as my go-to music. Old car, no iPhone hookup, no satellite radio. I'm rollin' old school, baby.

Live in Hammond, Indiana
Alone III

Six disc changer, aw yeah!

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Comment by Danielle on November 16, 2013 at 2:09am

Our Fender car stereo was rocking Weezer this evening too. There's something kind of thrilling about listening to music as you're heading down a freeway... (please excuse the pun).

Comment by Natkat on November 15, 2013 at 7:39am
I have 2 cars which the mister and I swicth off using. My old car is my first car ever, a Camry from early 90s that has way to many memories so we can't get rid of it.... Anyway besides radio there is a CD player.. But there has been a Pinkerton deluxe CD stuck in it for a very long time. The car just doesn't want to let it go I guess. Sometimes I will play a song and stop it exactly at the point where I am trying to "send a message" or want my man to hear something... And leave the volume on a little on the louder side. So when he turns on the car there is a kindof subliminal message...

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