This takes serious dedication man. I cant believe I'm still going at this. I'm not really sure what to talk about anymore. Especially pertaining to Weezer. Although I don't I necessarily have to make it pertain to them. But ya know I like to try to. Mmmmm I guess I can really make it pertain to my thoughts right now.

Thought 1:

I just watched the video of Jennifer Lawrence comforting one of her crying fans. This woman is one truely amazing person, and her interactions with her fans is beyond belief given how big she is. This makes me think of the boys because I always hear amazing stories about people meeting them. I hope someday I fortunate enough to meet them as well. I'd probably be ridiculous and cry or freak out or something, as much as I think I would be able to stay calm I don't think Id be able to, I freaked for that short bit of time I took a photo with them at the Woodfield Mall concert haha. And I doubt my short period of time being around celebs due to my extra work (shameless promotion again, hey our official movie trailer is coming out tomorrow!!) will help at all. These guys just play way to big of a part in my life for me not to freak at least for a little while.

Thought 2:

I'm watching Face Off (the TV show) right now and its the episode with Asher Roth (the I Love College song) and I'm remembering (as I do every time I listen to said song) the very first I heard that song. I was in the car with my parents and it came on (oh sorry for back reference for those who dont know that song, the backtrack to it is Say It Aint So") at first I just thought it was the regular song, and then it skipped to the actual song (you know what im talking about if youve heard the song) and I was so PISSED. Haha, Because Say is my jam, like I love that song to the moon and back and I'm not a fan of rap music so when I discovered my favorite song was remixed to rap music I wasn't too happy, but eventually the song grew on me and is now a part of my itunes even. So its not too bad. 

But anyways I think I'm done. speaking of my itunes I have music to add. peace.

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