Going to the mailbox can be a tedious task of our daily routines - but you can spice it up and be more organized! A lot of junk comes in the mail, that's a fact of life. Many useful offers and necessary reads are delivered to us in the mail, like our bills. Truly, there's no way for me proclaim the joy of paying bills. Here's a list of ways to make your daily mail check a tad bit more interesting...

1) personalized letter opener. I got a miniature sword while I was in Quebec City (at the Citadelle). 

2) find an antique desk built specifically for the purpose of sorting mail. (It looks nice).

3) purchase a rubber stamp with your return address info - it makes it more fun, just try it.

4) open the mail later, after dark, light candles... I can't explain it, but it's awesome.

5) keep the desk clean - don't let clutter disrupt your envelope of serenity. 

6) attack that mail! Think of it like a challenge against your existence... buy a shredder and keep it next to your desk so you can quickly and safely dispose of undesirable parcels.



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