Blogomatic Day 27: Piece of the [Pumpkin] Pie

Greetings and salutations from the most boring day of the US calendar. The day before Thanksgiving, when everyone (else) is either traveling, grocery shopping, cooking, and who-know-what-else, maybe blowing up Macy's Parade balloons or something.

The slowest day at the office is now over and I'm thinking about pie. And since all roads lead to weezer, pie = piece of the pie = Rivers = weezer = a bunch of things I am thankful for!

When you push aside all the pilgrim hats and cornucopious amounts of pumpkin spice this weekend, what's left underneath is what counts the most - the people and things we love. Music is a wonderful thing to be thankful for, particularly those people who make the bold and brave move to try to get out there and make a living at it. So I am expecially (as we say here in Indiana. Just kidding. They do say that here, but no one really should.) eSpecially happy that the band of brothers we now know as weezer did that thing they do and ended up where they did and continue to do so, which is pretty amazing in and of itself. How lucky are we that these people keep on making music and doing shows? 

So, Rivers, Pat, Brian, Scott, Karl, and everyone on the weezer team - THANK YOU SO MUCH.  You guys are the best in so many ways and I feel lucky to be a fan and lucky to share that role with so many other amazing people. The friends are plentiful at a weezer show - you just have to say hello and there you go. :)  Thanks for the great friendships with awesome people and the opportunity to get to see a lot of them on an amazing cruise here in a few months. 

Weezer friends, thank YOU so much - together, we amplify the fun and excitement of going to shows and waiting on news, and all the adventure that goes along with being a weezer fan.  My enjoyment of weezer has multiplied thanks to the things we share and do together. 

All of this together makes a beautiful pie of rock and roll deliciousness. I'm glad to be a piece of it, and I'm glad you are too. =w=

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