I watch world movies in the mornings, with my coffee.
Mongolian/German, Argentinean (Spanish).. French.
Wouldn't think to watch during the day.
Make sense in the mornings. More sense then I can get from my dreams.
Illusions. Paranoia. Lies. Affairs.
And those are the movies.
The dreams are worse.
Inexplicably so.

Paid an embarrassing amount of money to a psychic.
Told me this would be my best year.
I was 'unlucky'..
Now I'm lucky..
If i keep making the payments..
For now it seems she(?) is the lucky one.
Would a real psychic charge great amounts of money to help people?
Why wouldn't they just do it out of kindness?
Seems like luck costs a lot...

January is supposed to be my lucky month.
Depressing, that.
Means after January.. no matter how GREAT it may be..
After, it's all downhill/(uphill? - never know ((whichever means [[[gradually]]] worse))
That is depressing.
Unless January is so incredible that it's excellence couldn't possibly be repeated.

Avett Brothers - Emotionalism.
Brilliant!!! Tragic!!! ...that's the most recent Art Brut album.
Emotionalism is a brilliant title.
The album is tragic. Beautiful, and tragic.
The Avett Bros... More so than the Art Brut.

Was thinking about the Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - gig in New York.
Probably because i was listening to Casiotone for the Painfully Alone.
I've been to some amazing gigs.
Very happy with my decision to see Bright Eyes last year.
Casiotone was unique. Owen selling/working his own T-Shirt/Merch Stand.
3 Support acts (One South Australian.)
Obviously hand picked to taste by Owen. The way he joined the audience to watch/dance.
Was... inspirational (for lack or want of better word) seeing him dance so wildly.
He's a 'big' guy.. Overweight. But he doesn't seem to care.. nor does it affect his dancing.
His stories between songs were awesome too. Some great ones.. Even if they mightn't be true or if he tells them everywhere.
That gig felt unique.
That long haired girl/guy that was looking at me the whole time...whom I didn't know was a guy/girl until told after.
Obviously my memory isn't great.. Obviously.
Bright Eyes was my first gig alone.. and first for a while Sober.

My list - SEEN (Descending order)
Bright Eyes

Destroyer (Dan Bejar) - Brooklyn NY
Cloud Cult - Greenwich NYC (INCREDIBLE!)
Colin Meloy (The Decemberists) - Brooklyn NY
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone (Greenwich-ish
Random Order

The New Pornographers - Prince Bandrooom
Neko Case - Prince Bandroom
The Mountain Goats - Corner Hotel
Hot Hot Heat - Prince Bandroom
Oasis - Festival Hall
Noel Gallagher - The Forum
The Living End - The Forum/Festival Hall
JET - The Forum
The Vines - The Forum
Metallica - Myer Music Bowl
Infected Mushroom (oo) - The Metro (Palais)

BIG DAY OUT (x2/3)


Metallica/Jet/The Darkness/The Strokes(?)


Franz Ferdinand/The Magic Numbers/Sleater-Kinney/Iggy the Stooge/The Go! Team/The Mars Volta/The Living End/
The White Stripes.

PLANE [wish] LIST: (i.e - Buddy Holly/Big Bopper/Lynard Skynard/ DJ AM ((too soon?)) etc...)

Lily Allen
Zooey Deschanel
Laura Marling

List incomplete... ToBeContinued..

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