If you read all my posts you'll see that a few days ago I was b******* about how f***** up my family is, sorry for profanity, which they still are but the thing is regardless of that, the things I say and want to do (run away from them and not tell them where I am things like that) I still love them

And this strikes me this year, yesterday I saw a clip of comedian Chris Hardwick from the Talking Dead and he said his father had passed away the day before the episode.

As much as I despise some of my family I would be miserable if they died. And this holiday is going to be miserable because instead of being with them and their BS, I'll be dealin with Black Friday shoppers and their BS.

So I emplore all of you no matter how much you hate your family, if you can find it in your heart to spend time with them this holiday maybe even tell them you love them.

You don't want things left unsaid, you may regret it in the end.

Ugh sorry for the slightly depressing morning. Hope I didn't bum out your day.

Listen to burndt jamb. It'll cheer you up haha :D

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