haha fooled ya. tis quite the opposite. I am awesome. =]

im helping my boyfriend with his homework, err more like doing it for him but noone needs to know that right? itll be our little secret... wink wink

im horrible for missing so many days but i was busy yesterday. i had work, didnt get home til like 7, played rocksmith, and ate and starting helping my boyfriend with his homework, which has carried over into today. 

he has trouble writing papers, especially research ones and I'm a bit better than he is at it so I will do it for him ahaha

I mean i got an A+ on my last research paper. granted that was in junior year.... ahh  i miss that paper. it was brilliant. I had a copy. I wish i could find it again but I look and look and its nowhere im sure itll turn up

anyways just thought id drop in here and write before i forget another day. time to go back to doing homework =]

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Comment by Natkat on November 26, 2013 at 11:26pm
I can relate with the homework thing. It's weird. I like doing homework for other people, though I will avoid/ procrastinate with my own homework for some odd reason...

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