Ah good morning world I figure I get this done now instead of later seeing as I have some walking dead to watch tonite.

But the other day I made my final payment for the cruise and now that the weather is closer and times are getting shitty I can't wait til the cruise.

I recall posting the other day about the drama llama in my life. I figure maybe I should post about it maybe get stuff off my back seek advice kinda thing. My family is in shambles. We might not even have a thanksgiving this year. Certain people are getting old and senile and bitchy to everyone this driving us apart.

Particularly my aunt to my cousin, who has a newborn, the one I posted about like a week ago or so. And she doesn't need that drama. I wish we had room in our condo or that I could buy her a house or something. If I could win the lottery id take her, and my other cousins, my parents, my boyfriend, his parents, and by us some nice houses or one big house somewhere far away from Illinois

I plan on one day leaving this place. I'm on the hunt for houses and jobs. Anyone familiar with the process of going from state to state or whatever can give me some advice. If you know of any houses for sale near you and want a cool neighbor let me know haha

Illinois, namely Chicago has become nothing but a leech to me. I need out

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