2013/09/01 Show: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: Sonic Boom Festival

Last night, the crowd at the Calgary XFest showed the world how to go ballistic, during our set and everyone's, including for Passion Pit who had to do a DJ set as all their gear was ruined the night before in Chicago in a massive storm. The mood was raucous and full of wild energy while weezer played, and our buddies Blink 182 capped the night off right. Its pretty cool when all the bands on a bill are good.

Tonight weve packed up the whole shebang and puddle jumped over to Edmonton to do it all over again at the Sonic Boom festival. The line up is a little different tonight, with no Capital Cities but adding USS and Death From Above 1979. Then its Awolnation, Mother Mother, Passion Pit (gear or no gear we wonder), and then us, followed by Blink.

Somehow we've gotten to the end of the summer already, not literally but psychologically. Its September 1st and the kids are going back to school and football season is starting up. It doesnt look or feel any different yet, but in a few weeks it will, as the crisp edge seeps into the air and leaves begin to turn color. But in the meantime, as far as we're concerned, its still summer! Weezer has more shows coming up in September, and we fully expect warm sun and loud rock to prevail, so long as were on stage! And when it is cold, next February, well, thats why we got the Cruise #2 to look forward to...

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Comment by jason gratton on September 11, 2013 at 1:47pm

Great show by the band but unfortunately the local production company that was running the sound for this festival failed them. On the right side of the stage couldn't hear Rivers or Brian. Thanks Scott for acknowledging  me when I tried to tell you. Not the bands fault. Hopefully you guys can come back and give us a full indoor show with good sound someday instead of a shorten outdoor one. Haven't had one since Maladroit. Thanks again for coming

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