2012/06/10 Show Day: Cedar Rapids, IA: Downtown: Rockin The Rapids

Today weezer played a outdoor festival in downtown Cedar Rapids, the Rockin The Rapids Music Festival. We followed several other bands including Tonic, Fuel, Filter and Chevelle (they seemed to have a muscle car theme going on today, up till when weezer took the stage). It was a hot and windy day with the streets blocked off, lotsa port a potties in rows, barbeque huts, tents, folding chairs, drunk people getting rowdy, a PTSD meltdown or two, and a generally disorganized and unruly feel prevailing throughout the afternoon. Things seemed to settle down a bit in time for weezer's set, when the crowd coalesced into a unified music frenzy, including shoulder riding bikini clad rock chicks, little kids freaking out, and one shoe wearing crowdsurfers, both male and female. The rock was strong today.

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Comment by Jason P. on June 11, 2012 at 4:49pm

I was there. I was the guy wearing THIS shirt (in case you saw me)

Comment by Jason P. on June 11, 2012 at 8:14am

Rockin' The Rapids 6-10-2012 was amazing!
Lineup in order:
Mint (from Des Moines)
Issac James (from Des Moines, Missouri, their drummer was the original founding drummer for Stone Sour)
Filter (sound was terrible - they still rocked out hard!)
#Weezer (they read my mind and opened their set with the song 'Tired of Sex')
Some might know that #Weezer has a touring 'band' adding well renound drummer Josh Freese and taking Pat from behind the drums and putting him on guitar and vocals. Well this was NOT the case.
There were four (not the ORIGINAL four) but JUST four and it was good... :-)

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