weezer covering "Paranoid Android" by Radiohead in the studio, 3 days ago.


with the B.O.M.B.fest gong tent still ringing in our ears, we packed up in Hartford and made tracks across the long state of Pennsylvania overnight, to make it to Pittsburgh in time to set up and play at Stage AE tonight.

Now the kids are coming in to the Stage AE, which as we've learned is a really neat mini outdoor ampitheater in the heart of the city, across the street from a classy sportsbar, with an ice cream truck circling the block incessantly. Its time for rock...

More later - are you going? Did you go? Comment here and/or in our message boards, tell your tale! Post your show pix on our photo page!


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Comment by Chuck Yorio on May 30, 2011 at 9:10am
Comment by Chuck Yorio on May 30, 2011 at 9:09am
Comment by Chuck Yorio on May 30, 2011 at 9:07am
Great stuff Tony!
Comment by Tony Venturella on May 30, 2011 at 7:48am


The show was freakin awesome!  Such a high energy, fun show!  I was covered in sweat, totally dehydrated and raspy voiced by the end...signs of a great concert!


The Band

Rivers really seems to be enjoying himself these days!  He looked like he was having a great time playing to the crowd, getting into the songs and generally loving watching the crowd love his creation!  haha I really loved that at one point he mixed up the lyrics, it was funny and showed he can still get caught up in the moment of the performance too...also at one point I guess they played something out of order on the set list, so he made up a little in prompt to song about it doesn't matter if the songs are in order...LOVED IT!  I felt kinda bad for Pat Wilson who's back is no longer allowing him to drum on all the songs...I found it ironically funny that at the end of the show, every member of the band was playing the drums, except for the band's original drummer.


The Songs

We got 7/10 songs off the Blue Album, so that was AWESOME!  It was a pretty great set list, hitting many of the big hits...however, they did kind of set me up for something I was really excited for that didn't happen...when they opened the show with memories I was like ok, we could be getting a memories tour set list!  ...and then when they played NOTHING off of Pinkerton, I was super psyched thinking that after Only In Dreams, they were going to take a quick set break and then come back with the full Pinkerton album...but alas that did not happen.  Despite not hearing a single song off of my favorite album, it was still a GREAT show...so that's saying something!  Paranoid Android was cool...but not at the expense of leaving out Pinkerton.  Also I would have ditched Dope Nose and Keep Fishin to make way for some Pinkerton stuff...but I guess Rivers needed a little break, and like I said, the show was unbelievably good!  I really loved hearing Only In Dreams live...that song really touches me...Surf Wax America and Garage were so much fun!  And closing with Buddy Holly blew the metaphorical roof off (since we were already outside).


The Crowd

For the most part the crowd was great...I felt so bad for this group of 2 families who started out the night in front of me though, 4 parents with their young girls (a couple as young as 10-11) and they seemed really excited to see the show...well when Hash Pipe (the second song of the night) came on, these two giant guys came flying in from the side starting a mosh pit...ummm this is a Weezer concert...not Slipknot!  I got pretty pissed off!  I did my best to hold off the pit and protect these girls from getting hit in the rampage, and at one point found myself getting moved into the pit myself, that wasn't happening so I grabbed the one dude and thew him out of my way so I could get back to my post...I looked over and the one youngest girl had tears streaming down her face, I asked her if she was ok and she nodded yes, but the mother said she was just going to take them back to the lawn area...I felt SO bad for them...they just wanted to enjoy a fun show like the rest of us, but it's a shame when a couple d-bags have to ruin things.  Well the show went on and the moshing calmed a little, and one nice result from the mash up was it threw a really cute girl in front of me to have fun and jump around with.  :)  Other than that, everyone seemed to have a good time (except for Dave when they did the cover of Paranoid Android), everyone was singing along and Rivers was loving it letting us solo the "ohhh ohhh's" in Perfect Situation.


The Venue

Stage AE is HANDS DOWN Pittsburgh's best venue!  I had no idea what to expect going in...was it going to be like that parking lot stage over in Station Square or what?!?  No way!  Nothing like that!  It was like if someone were to take an eraser to Starlake and remade it the way it was supposed to be!  Everything was general admission, so if you get there early, you get a great spot!  You can see from my pictures just how great of a spot I had!  There are no useless seats to get in the way...you're either in the front patio area or in the lawn...all of which give you a great view of the stage...and the acoustics...WOW!  Great sound!  There are no issues in hearing how awesome your favorite band is!
Comment by tess on May 30, 2011 at 7:28am
stupid ice cream truck!  we had a blast...until some fat dude decided to crowd surf and kicked our 13 yo in the head...then the same jerk decided to slam dance and pretty much wiped out our family of 6 (7 if you count the 16 yo boyfriend we brought along).  so we decided to go over to the ramp on the right side of the stage.  lucky for us rivers decided to walk up the ramp too...all the kids got to see him up close and personal.
Comment by Nick on May 30, 2011 at 6:08am
The show was awesome, it was my 18th time seeing the weez live. I was the first one there.
Had fun hanging with the other hardcore fans. I couldn't believe it when pat strolled by on his
bike then hung out for like 40 minutes just chatting. Definately worth waiting all day.
Best band ever!
Comment by Kevin on May 30, 2011 at 3:51am
Was there... Best concert ever... Weezer absolutely rocked last night!
Comment by Austin Ferguson on May 29, 2011 at 9:31pm

Awesome show!!!! you guys were amazing and chilling with Pat outside before the show was awesome!!

Comment by Madi Shtrahman on May 29, 2011 at 9:12pm
I went. The most fantastic show I've ever been to.  I was right in the front and touching Rivers's hand made my night.
Comment by Chuck Yorio on May 29, 2011 at 8:38pm
I was there! Great show! Great Setlist thank you!  Its been so long since you have been here!

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