2011/01/21 Las Vegas, NV: Hard Rock Hotel: The Joint: Memories Combo Show

Today is the day people. The Hard Rock lobby is pumping the Aerosmith, the Carlos Santana and Ramones displays are polished up, the one armed bandits are parting the gamblers from their gold nuggets, and into this dusty western town rolls Weezer. The stage coach doors open and the antique weapons of rock n roll are drawn at high noon. Well, not high noon actually, more like 9:15 pm, after the opening set by Imagine Dragons.

Tonight's Memories show is unique in that its a combination Blue + Pinkerton dual album show. Its never been done before (by weezer) so there's bound to be some surprises...


And in fact the main suprise was saved for the encore, with Rachel Haden joining the band onstage to sing the Pinkerton B-Side "I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams". Rachel, one of the triplet daughters of jazz great Charlie Haden and original member of weezer buddies that dog., is the featured vocalist on that recording, and as such the song hasnt been performed since the mid 90's, as Rivers wrote the song from a girls point of view. It was so great to see Rachel again, and everyone had a chance to catch up with her after years of separation.

The rest of the show was understandably epic, with the entire Blue and Pinkerton albums performed in order (separated by my old time weezer memories slideshow). It had a slightly different feel from the previous two-night Memories shows, which had the wild first set of hits and b-sides. That created an immediate celebratory atmosphere, that for this show had to be slowly (but surely) built up to as the classic albums were laid out and the collective freak out gathered strength like a storm.

Big ups to Rachel Haden, Brian's sister Leia Bell and family, Michael McCarthy (=w= Flag Guy!); and Luis S., die-hard front and center man going big with the ILAA package!

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Comment by Cherrie on January 26, 2011 at 2:20pm

@Cladeedah your comment about kids screaming irrelevant things around you reminded me of the Troublemaker tour concert at the Forum, when I was on the floor and this girl next to me (who I couldn't get away from cause it was so jam packed) kept screaming at a sound-barrier breaking decibel "WEEZEEEEER" every 30 seconds! Look, I appreciated her enthusiasm and all, but I wanted to smack her upside the head and say "I know who we're all here to see, so shut it so I can actually listen to THEM and not you!" gah...


So many different factors can make or break your concert experience. I do have to agree on some of the performances at the Vegas show being less resonating than others--esp. Butterfly for me, didn't seem to have as much heart as it did in LA. But Ken, you're absolutely right about Rivers dressing and playing the part of being old school on purpose and doing the albums as they did them in the past; I suppose it didn't translate as well without the greatest hits leading up to it to build that spark and momentum. My bf made an interesting point, that he liked how there was no talking, no BS, just straight into the tracks and in a way giving them the reverence they felt it deserved. 


I guess there are always circumstances that we will never know about. Perhaps they got to a point where re-playing those albums was bittersweet --fun and nostalgic in the beginning, but as they kept doing it, they realize they've moved on in their lives; and as all nostalgia goes, there is always a darker undertone to the happier times you choose to remember.


Or it was nothing that deep and they just had a reason to get out of there quick ha.


Still, I loved being able to see the Blue/Pinkerton live back to back. When is that going to happen again?? We were there to witness Weezer history!

Comment by Jessica on January 26, 2011 at 1:12pm
It's interesting to read these comments; I would have expected this show to be more wild, not less, than the two-night shows (and I was thus suuuper jealous of those who got to attend).

It appeared to me that, at least at the NYC Pinkerton show, the crowd mostly spent the first part of the Greatest Hits set basically waiting, and really let loose during the "main event" that was the album set. The band, conversely, reserved their showy antics for only the Greatest Hits, knowing that the albums needed no embellishments (and to revisit their performing style of those periods). So logically, the audience for such an epic double-album concert should have been super-stoked right off the bat, no?

For the Memories Tour, I really wish they could have "pre-screened" the ticket buyers with like a quiz or something. Maybe like lyrical fill-in-the-blanks, or basic weezer trivia, because it's kind of a drag to be surrounded by people who aren't that into it, or clearly don't know the music. Find a way to reach the real fans, rather than just charging more for tickets or VIP, since it seems that a lot of people just have money to burn... This is only a suggestion for the Memories Tour (too late?), not the ordinary tours where the goal is to appeal to as many folks as possible.
Comment by Ken Y. on January 26, 2011 at 11:35am

Guys, I see your point, but maybe from a different angle. I agree about the unique energy of the show, luckily I was surrounded by some cool, energetic people, so I'm sure that helped my experience.

The level of energetic showmanship was certainly not the same as shows I've seen in recent years. But I sort of liked the Vegas show for what they were playing. What I mean is, it was just like seeing them back in '95 and '97. They were mysterious back then, didn't move around or talk much on stage, and as a kid in middle school, it made me want to know even more about them (and how they decorate their rooms..ha ha). If they had the Vegas stage presence while playing a greatest hits set, I would have been disappointed, well, almost. But knowing how Rivers always has a slightly unique vision of his performances, his appearance and his expressions, I think that he and the guys almost played it straight-forward on purpose. Heck, Rivers even tailored his dress to each album's styles for this tour. So, in a way it was like going back in time for me.

Anyway, it was a great experience nonetheless, and I'm glad I got to meet the cool people I did at a great show. Thanks to those of you I met, and I hope to see you at future shows!


Comment by Cladeedah on January 26, 2011 at 10:38am

@Dutgut, no that was my feeling about it as well.  I'm so happy I'm not the only one.  I thought maybe it was just me.  I did have a a great time (it was a Weezer show!), and I'm so happy people enjoyed themselves.  For me, though, it just didn't have the energy of some of the other shows. 


It could just be like Karl said, the energy was different because there was no greatest hits set, which creates an "immediately celebratory atmosphere."  The vibe in my area was kind of weird too, b/c a fight broke out as soon as the show started.  (Seriously guys, at a Weezer show?)  And then the kids around me were screaming for the band to play Perfect Situation and Greatest Man That Ever Lived.  I don't think they had any idea what was going on.  That, combined with lyrical and musical misses here and there put a damper on things.  And they definitely did less showmanship than usual.  I don't think it was just because there was no greatest hits.  I've seen them do Only in Dreams, Falling For You, and Butterfly so passionately before.  It was defintely different this time.  I agree that the band seemed to want to get out of there fast.  I know they were on a plane within minutes of the show ending (except for Brian, who stayed back to sign his The Relationship CDs), so that confirmed the feeling I had. 


I saw Weezer perform in front of 50,000 people in Sep.  A month later, they performed for less than 500 people in Vegas.  Both times, they killed it.  I was so impressed that they put as much passion and energy into the small show as they did at the huge festival.  I'm not sure what happened this last time, but it was definitely different.  Oh well, I still love them.  I'm sure they'll make it up to me next time.  :)

Comment by Dutgut on January 26, 2011 at 8:56am

  I have to agree with the comment about the opening act being "a nice surprise." I was really impressed with their sound and I thought it was really cool how appreciative they were of the opportunity. I rushed home to look up their stuff online and I have to say I was disappointed that they didn't sound as good recorded as they did live! They did awesome live!!!!

Weezer was awesome too, but I felt they were lacking some emotion, like they were tired and just wanted the show to be over. I see photos of their other concerts where they are jumping off things and playing to the crowd. In Vegas they just kind of stood there and played. Of course I was up on the balcony and maybe it was a different vibe up closer. Did anyone else feel that way or am I out to lunch? With that being said, I would go again in a heartbeat!!!!



Comment by DANIEL RAUZMAN on January 25, 2011 at 6:57pm
WOW Thats me with weird look on my face  i flew in from in new york rivers and the guys where a pleasure to meet great show thank  you carl for the tour and hope you guys  know what you mean to us keep rocking i this depressing weather we need all we can get
Comment by Lawrence on January 25, 2011 at 4:27pm

great show.

i flew in from nyc to see it, my flight landed 845pm got in a cab 903pm got to the hardrock 912pm, mins later weezer takes the stage. EPIC timing.

the show was not what i was expecting. I was def bummed there was no greatest hits played, thats when the weez really let loose in nyc and i loved it. the mood in vegas was very somber, very little crowd interaction. there were quite a few people around me that just wernt into the show at all which took away from my exciment of being there.


But it was awesome to see both albums back to back with pat staying on the drums all night. and rachel haden coming on stage was quite epic also.

Comment by Alexandre Pereira on January 24, 2011 at 10:02pm
South America needs live Weezer !
Comment by America on January 24, 2011 at 9:55pm
Comment by Cherrie on January 24, 2011 at 8:45pm

oh! I forgot one more thing--why Weezer fans are the BEST!


A couple hours before the concert, I was at the Bellagio waiting in a somewhat long queue for a cab, when this couple pulled me out of the line (I was wearing my Weezer panda shirt at the time) and asked if I was seeing Weezer that night and headed to HRH right then--(yes, and yes)--offered to split the cab, saving me the wait in line...we had a great chat on the way over, and then they wouldn't even accept any money from me!


How cool is that??

(...♪ so I went to your room, and read your diaRRRRRYYYY ♫...lol sorry, had to)

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