2011/09/07 DeLuna Fest, FL: special deal for HS / college students

Folks, passing along some handy info here - tomorrow, Thursday, September 8, DeLuna Fest is offering a great deal for college and high school students....

"Starting at 6pm at Phineas Phogg's in Seville Quarter in Pensacola, DeLuna Fest will be selling weekend passes to the music festival happening Oct 14-16 for a flat fee of $105.00 to college and high school students. There will be only 1000 tickets available at this great price, so come early. These discounted tickets are good for all three day's of the DeLuna Fest music festival, are available to college and high school students only, one ticket allowed per student with valid student ID, first come, first served. Valid student IDs must be presented at time of purchase. Location information: http://www.sevillequarter.com."

more announcements:

...first of all, stay tuned for a fresh round of Weezer Cruise announcements, as the details on all the myriad and sundry activities we'll be having on the boat is being finalized shortly. We've got some really cool stuff planned that takes it far beyond "just" a 4 day luxury cruise from Miami to Cozumel and back with Weezer playing 3 shows, plus Dinosaur Jr., Ozma, and a huge pile of other great bands playing too. There will be so much stuff going on on that giant boat, you wont have time to eat your (all included) food and beverages or sleep in the cabins!

...From the desk of Scott Shriner comes news of a new thing that his wife Jillian has going: shes written a new book - a novel called "Pretty" - and its available right now! And Scott recorded some new music for the book's promotional trailer, which you can view here on YouTube. The video was directed by Aaron Nardi. Watch, listen, read!

And TONIGHT in Los Angeles: Jillian is having a release party for "pretty" at Book Soup in West Hollywood, at 7PM. Scott will be there by her side, wearing a rock tuxedo!
...a reminder that"Muppets: The Green Album", an album of covers of classic Muppets tracks is available now, and features weezer with Paramore's Hayley Williams covering "Rainbow Connection" in a dreamy, melancholy style. Preview the album here.

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Comment by Scorcho on September 8, 2011 at 5:09pm
I wish I could have made the five hour drive after school, but I couldn't. Oh well...

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