Today marks the release of "Muppets: The Green Album", an album of covers of classic Muppets tracks. This Green Album, just like Weezer's Green Album, features some great weezer music, in the form of "Rainbow Connection" by weezer and Paramore's Hayley Williams. And thats just one of the many songs on the album. Listen here.

 ...Some pix from the 7/28 PNC show from Rolling Stone here.

...On Radio Weezer listen for these covers from you guys, which were added to the Radio Weezer rotation!

Freak Me Out by PigThe
Tired of Sex by Love Coloured Light
Cant Stop Partying by Natalie Illeana

Listen to Radio Weezer - streaming online - weezer's fave songs plus plenty of weezer related stuff: live, studio, new, old, rare, etc.!

...weezer tribute band alert!
Band: Fairway
Show: Blue album memories style show, all acoustic
Place: An Beal Bocht Café, Bronx, NY
Date: Friday, September 30th
Time: 8:00 PM – 11:30 PM
Age: 21+
" will be all acoustic, memories style with 3 sets. Sets 1 and 2 are random songs from Pinkerton thru Hurley, Set 3 will be Blue."

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