2010/08/29 Little John's Farm, Reading, England: Reading Festival

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Leeds was phenomenal, lets see what Reading's got!


Well, Reading had a lot. A whole lot of love. And a whole lot of people, more than at Leeds, if that is even possible. Maybe it was my congested sinuses or my pharmacy-bought "Mucus" brand cough syrup talking, but I swear it looked as if you could see the curve of the earth, such was the sheer girth and breadth of the crowd. Monumental! And this monumental crowd gave it all, and Weezer gave it right back at them. The set felt smoother, more confident, and just plain excellent tonight. Rivers gave his all again, exploring new forms of spontaneous madness as he scurried to and fro, getting down and (literally) dirty with the crowd.

After the show Rivers had interviews with a number of reporters, including one from BBC 6 Radio. He also had a photo shoot with Rock Sound magazine.

Today we had a bit more chill time and we got to see the re-ignited fury of Limp Bizkit and take in the hazy vibes of Cypress Hill. After Weezer, Paramore played a hyperactive set and we caught a bit of our budrows Blink before we had to roll back up to London to start packing for the return flight to the US and A. Thank you UK fans, for making our 1st foray back to England in 5 years so fun!

Comment here if you went, or start a thread on our message boards! Tell your tale!

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