2010/08/28 Leeds, West Yorkshire, England: Leeds Festival

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...After a day of rest, frolic (example here) and a Black Cab Session in London, we took a late night bus ride North to Leeds, where today, after a successful stop to exchange some corn, we are heading over to the Festival to rock out. Also on the bill today are last years tourmates Blink-182, the resurrected Limp Bizkit, and Paramore, whose singer Hayley once guest starred on our stage last fall in NYC.


Rolling into the Leeds Festival area on the double decker tourbus brought back vivid memories of past Euro and UK tours, the exact feelings that were recently summed up in the new song "Memories". Not that we saw piles of freaky Dutch kids getting down in the woods today, but the skinny winding roads, quaint stone farmhouses and olde forests of England really struck a chord. Once we got settled in, the pre-show preparations took a fun turn when Rivers sorted out how to set up a live video stream from the dressing room on Ustream. Today also was a day of reunions and old friends, with fun times with the guys from Blink, Hayley from Paramore, Wes Borland from Limp Bizkit, our early 2000's label head Jordan, and our early 2000's tour manager Gus all on the scene.

The show was almost too big! There's something almost daunting looking out upon a scene where you cant take it all in because it falls over the horizon, a sea of people on an endless sloping hillock. But it was awe-inspiring at the same time. And the people out there were having it - they had waited 5 years for weezer, and they knew it was time to get crazy! And Rivers and the boys brought the insanity they needed. Ridiculous! Great times.

Postshow, Rivers and Pat did some interviews with the likes of NME and BBC Radio 6. Another one too but I missed that one.

Comment here if you went, or start a thread on our message boards! Tell your tale!

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