Todays show takes place at the Del Mar Racetrack, a scenic horse racing joint about 20 miles North of San Diego. The races are going as usual all afternoon, then at 7 PM Weezer hits the stage...


The Racetrack was also the site of the Del Mar Fair, so on top of the daytime horseracing going on there was a midway with all the usual fair food and such we've come to expect at or near a Weezer show this summer. "Del Mar" means "from the sea", and yes indeed we were by the sea, the glorious Pacific. As well as a sea of people who braved a sea of traffic to get here! No trippin down this freeway - yours truly was crawling down the 5 freeway for 4 hours and 45 minutes to make the 100 mile trip, and that was true of many who attended. Wow. Is it time to make the I-5 a double decker freeway? Weezer waited a little while extra before they started tonight to allow for the many people who were still stuck in traffic at 7 PM to park and actually get near the stage. By the time the band started, there was just an incredible sea of people massed and ready to rock, filling in every nook and cranny, literally surrounding 3 sides of the stage as far as the eye could see. And despite the logistical and technical challenges that this unusual venue location afforded, rock they did, just as much as the band rocked. Which was quite a lot!

Tonight was the earth-shaking world live premiere public performance of "Memories" and it went down like gangbusters!

Comment here if you went, or start a thread on our message boards! Tell your tale!

(click on any photo for a full size version) *** <------- does this work??? just curious. ***Karl, sort out how pix from a story will be associated with a blog post, or if this is even the best way to continue the established format of blog posts that have pix. need to see how to do it. maybe just link or point out the uploaded gallery? or can the gallery be embedded or something.


Thanks to Christopher Truong for pic #14 (bottom row, center). And thanks to Rivers for shooting the close-up pic of Brian!

And please head on over to to see O's rad pix from tonight!

And even more pix from tonight by Jon Moyer are coming soon to case you missed it, here's a brief article on, featuring an interview with Rivers from this past Thurdsay on location at the "Memories" video shoot. Interesting stuff!

...and here is Rivers’ interview from the Denver show on

...A new Guitar Hero Weezer Track Pack is available now, featuring Beverly Hills, Pork and Beans and Island In The Sun!

...A few more details are coming into focus at last regarding some upcoming Weezer releases that are *not* Hurley. On November 2 (moved from Oct 19, not sure why) both "Death To False Metal... A Collection Of Unheard Songs From The Weezer Vault" (formerly known as 'Odds And Ends') AND Pinkerton : Deluxe Edition will be released on Geffen Records. The 2 disc Pinkerton Deluxe Edition will also be available as a limited Superdeluxe edition, with an additional 3rd CD that will comprise the 3rd Volume of Rivers' "Alone" series of home demos, plus an amazing book of pictures and recollections from that era that Rivers has been putting together. More details about both these releases are coming soon.

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Comment by Dean Kaplan on September 27, 2010 at 4:44pm
Only knowing 4 songs going into this concert. My 9 year old daughter and I weaved our way to where the mixing boards setup was. The concert was great. The energy from Weezer and the crowd was awesome. During the concert my daughter asked if I could download more Weezer songs. I thought playing in the infield at Del Mar was epic and surreal. We are now hooked and look forward to attending the Nov 27th concert.

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