2010/12/17 NYC: Roseland Ballroom: Memories "Blue" | Webisode #37: Glimpses O' Glory

...Todays December Daily Weezer Webisode is now up! Weezer Webisode #37: "Glimpses O' Glory". Enjoy! and remember, we're adding a new webisode to yfrog every day from now till xmas! They are all automatically gathered on our yfrog Bloggie player page here.


NEW YORK CITY! Gearing up for a great night....

Comment here if you went, or start a thread on our message boards, tell your tale!


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Also, remember to checkweezer's Twitter/Yfrog photo/video page for photos taken on the fly as things happen!

...Find out how you could meet the band, win Rivers’ guitar, Pat’s drums or whatever you wish, from State Farm, here.

...new tunes avail for d/l to fight rare cancers at Right Track. Rare Weezer recording "The Rat Race" still available there, for a minimum donation of 99 cents.

...Memories Tour article/interview in The Boston Globe.

...Two interesting articles on Weezers history and pre-history, on The Phoenix's website: Metal Years, Early Years.

...One of weezer's trusted and gifted roadies, Doug Forsdick, has been nominated for "Roadie Of The Year" for his work with Weezer and Rod Stewart in the Tour Link Conference "Top Dog" award. Please vote for Doug! he frickin' rules and we love him. Please register at tourlinkconference.com to cast your vote!

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Comment by JeanMarie Kantor on December 20, 2010 at 9:13am

What an amazing time we had! I took my 12 year old daughter, did the VIP thing...we thought the night couldn't be any better but then during Troublemaker, Rivers took my camera and did a close up of Brian! How cool was that?!! This was the 4th concert I've taken her to....I'm never going to be able to top this!!!!

Comment by Bryon Powell on December 17, 2010 at 8:17pm

you guys are awesome! :) =w= know you'll love this karl!

Got my name on it n everything (pweezey)

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