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day thirty: community.

As November concludes, so does my daily weezer.com blog. A big shout out to Lisa, whose idea it was in the first place, to experiment with the concept. Thanks also to Natkat and Adrianadesiree. I enjoyed reading your posts.

I often find that when I am experiencing life to the fullest, I have the least amount of time or opportunity to record that experience in writing. Of course not everything needs to be documented. It is good however to remember the good times and to learn from the…


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day twenty-eight: thanks.

I'd like to take the opportunity to say thank you to my family and friends. I appreciate your kindness. I am very fortunate to share my life with you; whether it be the occasional conversation or lengthy debates and laughter...I am truly blessed.
Much love to you all. Take care.

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day twenty-five: home.

Today I became a home owner in Portland, Oregon. It is a great privilege. One that I hope to never take for granted. I have a safe, comfortable and loving environment in which to live.

As in any city there are people here who are struggling and are unfortunately homeless. At a time of year when the temperatures drop dramatically I wonder how they must survive. Sadly, some don't. It makes me question the nature of our society. It's not a new concern, however, surely it is one that we…


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days twenty-three & four: starry night.

A belated post for the weekend.

My friends and I took ourselves away for the night, enjoying the soaking pool at Edgefield, just outside of the city. Floating on my back and looking up at the night stars I was reminded how beautiful our universe is.

It brings me much happiness to hear fellow =w= friends stories of hearing their favorite musicians performing this weekend. It's great to see people's pictures also. It looks like everyone had a great time.

Tonight I have a…


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day twenty-two part two: caring.

I accidently listed the wrong date yesterday on my blog. Oh well, whatever, nevermind.

Today was a difficult day, hopefully, tomorrow will be better. I hope that I am a good person to people around me. I also hope that I can improve, learn and grow for the better. I don't know if I am always successful in this regard, but I am trying very hard. That's all I can do really.


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day twenty-two: tweet tweet.

While I doń´t commit as much time to ´social media' nowadays, I do still appreciate a selective range of Tweets.

I've connected with some pretty interesting people, stayed in touch with international friends, discovered new arts venues and events, creative recipe ideas, etc.

The tweets of Rivers are frequently a curious delight. Whether it be a play on words, an abstract thought or a specific request, Rivers' brings a smile to my face.

Friends, what is your favorite Rivers… Continue

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day twenty: creativity.

Tonight, I had the opportunity to get out some art materials and sketch. I'm still living out of boxes (in terms of art), however I am just a couple weeks from setting up a drafting table and light box. It really is a luxury to have a space for creating art. It's not something I take for granted. To be able to express oneself creatively is a truly wonderful experience.

We all express ourselves in different ways. Whether it be through Instagram or composing a letter to a friend, we…


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days eighteen & nineteen: longevity.

Due to technical difficulties, I couldn't post yesterday. In any case we were at a show. Explosions in the Sky supporting Nine Inch Nails.

I'd love to hear Explosions in a smaller venue than say the Rose Garden (Portland's stadium venue). It brought me so much pleasure to observe my husband as he heard one of his favorite bands performing. It was a great experience to share with him.

Something else worth mentioning was Trent Reznor's comments at the end of the evening. It was along… Continue

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day seventeen: family.

This weekend I was reminded of the importance of family in our lives. Despite the thousands of miles between Australia and America, I still maintain a close relationship with my family.

I have felt so welcome among new friends and family here also. I hope that I don't ever take it for granted that I've connected with some pretty amazing people. Some of which I've met through our community of Weezer fans.

I hope you have all enjoyed a good weekend, despite the wild storms in…


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day sixteen: she shreds.

We just returned home from a live gig, featuring three bands. The band, 'Upset' were second on the bill. They were pretty good. They had a kind of upbeat delivery, courtesy of the lead singer Ali Koehler, who said a little something about the songs as she introduced them.

The headliner of the night was a band called 'Screaming Females'. A trio from New Jersey, the band is lead by Marissa Paternoster, a very skilled guitarist, vocalist and high energy performer. It was the…


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day fifteen: the city of roses.

I thought I might take the opportunity to share with you my love for my new home of Portland.

I moved here in July of this year, my visa having finally cleared. I'd often pondered the idea of living in a different city other than the one that I grew up in (Sydney, Australia). I do love Australia, however, I always felt that I wanted to broaden my horizons.

I've travelled through different countries over the years. I've had memorable experiences and encountered some very…


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day fourteen: hummingbirds

Today was another busy day. Much paperwork and planning for the future, in terms of a new home and immigration papers. But I won't bore you with the details ;)

I did have the opportunity to pause and observe a hummingbird through a friends window. She keeps a bird feeder on the balcony. It was one of those delightful moments that brought a smile to my face. Just thought I'd share.

Take care everyone!

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day thirteen: the Relationship.

The one band I am most looking forward to hearing perform on the Weezer Cruise in 2014 is the Relationship. They are a fine group of musicians. Their first album remains one of my most favorite albums.

If you haven't yet made the time to listen to their songs, I strongly encourage you to do so. You can check out their website here:


or click here to hear one of their…


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day twelve: At Some Point, Birds and Flowers Became Interesting.

It is always a wonderful experience discovering new music through a beloved band. Whether it be through a 'side project' (though I dislike the term) or hearing the support band before the main act goes on stage.

A few months back I heard one of my favourite bands Sebadoh perform in Portland and through them discovered the band Octagrape. I'd never heard them before, they have an EP out. Their music just blew me away. I always encourage friends to show up early so you don't…


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day eleven: fall.

I'm not sure that I'm really a fan of this daily blog thing. I think that I may be better suited to publishing something as it seems relevant or as the mood suits me. In any case, I made the commitment for November and so here I am.

The seasons have shifted into gear, the blue skies and warm weather replaced with fierce winds and heavy clouds looming on the horizon. We've seen deer in the car park and heard the howls of coyotes in the woods. It's quite exciting really, to be…


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day nine: we are all on drugs.

Well, actually, for me its just a combination of Nightquil/ Dayquil. After a few days rest, I gave in to the allure the double quil combo.

We're looking forward to checking out a new band tonight. Minor Alps. (I haven't heard them yet). Jose from Ozma will be doing the lights. It'll be fun to catch up with a fellow cruiser friend.

Lisa, if you read this, I hope you're recovering well from your cold!

Take care everyone and keep blogging! Speak to you all…


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day seven: mechanical pencils.

Today Rose Tours announced a new design competition for the Weezer Cruise. I gathered up some drawing materials and a sketchbook. I had a few ideas to start out with. I think that I may have settled on one concept.

Despite my art training, I've not entered many design competitions over the years. I've made a decision though to see this project through. If anything I'll have a work of art as an end result.

I was less self conscious about the Instagram competition. I think that I…


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day six: the memories tour, 2010.

December 2010, I travelled to New York city to hear Weezer perform live for the very first time. My expectations were high. The band of course exceeded those expectations. Their high energy and heartfelt performance across the two nights, stirred something inside of me.

Meeting the people behind the music, was a very wonderful experience. I shook Scott's hand as I introduced myself. I said "I've come from Australia for this show." He said "Wow! That's great Danielle!" Rivers shot me a…


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day five:

Hello folks. I'm afraid I'm a little under the weather today. So I'll keep it brief.

I posted a couple pictures from the Vegas show in July. I had only just moved to America from Australia. Michael and I pretty much hit the ground running in terms of live gigs. It's been a really great year for shows and new music releases.

We had the pleasure of heading to Las Vegas to hear Weezer perform. Of course they blew us away with a great setlist. It was lovely to catch up with the…


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day three: devotion

I'm afraid it's been a rough 24 hrs, so I'll just share this link to a Ustream video of Weezer rehearsing the song Devotion. A beautiful rendition don't you think?

I'm sure some of my friends here were watching the live Ustream with me at the time. Many thanks to the person who posted these videos online so that we may revisit them.



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