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I'm not going to have time later as I start work at 4 and get out at 9 today so I'll do this now. At the moment what's weezery in my mind is hearing Pats song on Red Album. Haha

I'm a very audio driven person and hearing good sounds make me happy. He makes very good sounds with his vocal chords lol I would like to hear more. If someone can find me more Pat singing. I would be grateful

Also on my mind is how infectious Weezer kinda is. One of my coworkers posted a status… Continue

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Ugh...I'm losing momentum yall i almost forgot to post today. Umm i guess today I'll talk about how I was playing a bunch of Weezer songs on Rock Band (super old game for those who dont know) I sang El Scorcho on Medium and got 95% so I guess that means I can be pretty good singer. 

Which makes me excited for the cruise with Karokee. Hopefully I can win some sort of prize? Theres prizes right? lol but anyways I'm wayy to excited for the cruise and all Weezer…


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I just want to talk about how much Weezer is kinda a bonding family type thing. I can sit there and talk for hours with random people on Facebook about it, or with random people on the street, or my old boss lol. It makes me happy to know that something I enjoy can bring other happiness and I have people who talk to me. Being in this fandom has gotten me so many new friends. Kinda similar yesterday's post about my tattoo… Continue

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Day 5

This one will be short haha kinda loosing my flow a little bit. I think or it's just a lazy day. Yea lazy day

I just want to comment on how much of a conversation starter my tattoo is. I'll post it below for those who've never seen it. But it's a Weezer tattoo and I get a lot of questions/comments about it.

"You must really like them" yes

"Oh those are cute glasses" thanks *thats not the part to focus on tho*

"What's it for?" It's a band I like "what band" Weezer.… Continue

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Day 4.

Because posting that long as title only took 3 days to get old. Lol butttt I'm still at it. I'm surprising myself. Usually with these things I only manage to last a day or two but I've doubled my usual! Woo

But anyways last you read I was talking about my career. I like to do little recaps. I dont know why. But moving on. I think today I'll talk a bit more about that but I'm going to relate my last two posts.

I have a very strong theory I guess I'll call it err opinion.… Continue

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NaBloPoMo- Weezer Style- Day 3

Last you all read my sob story about how Weezer's music was there to comfort me in my times of need, save me from depression, yada yada.

Now time for more life connections but now let's compare to my career choices, since this will prolly be the second longest of posts. I'll easy the pain and add other influences to this mixer so it's not all about Weezer. *start playing Beverly Hills at this point, maybe loop it*

I know deep in my heart of hearts that I belong in the… Continue

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NaBloPoMo- Weezer Style- Day 2

Well Ima have to do this at midnight coz I'm not really going to have any time for it later in the day seeing as I have work, and I'm committed to finishing a 30day challenge at least once in my life.

Anyways tho as I was saying last blog if you happened to read it was about influences bands have over me. Well music in general but since this is a website for Weezer I'll specify how they have influenced me.

I'll start off with one of my strongest points which falls back… Continue

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NaBloPoMo-Weezer Style- Day 1

Welp. I guess I'll start this out kinda like a story. I suppose, and all good stories usually start at the beginning. USUALLY. Soooo I guess I'll start from my beginning and tell you, whoever happens to read this bloggy thing. How I came and known to love our dearest Weezer. 

I like to say I been a fan for as long as they been around. Which if I am correct has been along as I've been alive, which is 21 years now. Although I just took a mini break to do my research, as they…


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