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I can't stop partying...

Haha I've gotten to blogging daily that I feel like I have to do it now. Haha maybe it'll wear off but i made a new blog thing to post so I'm not posting here if you wanna follow me here is my first post :)

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30. Sweet victory!

Holy poops cakes I did it. I made it all 30 days of November blogging. I missed a few days technically but I made up for them. And not all of these posts were Weezer related but I still did it. It's going to be so weird not blogging anymore after this. Although now I have the mentality of I need to post daily. I may start my own blog on blogspot or something. Maybe theme it. Idk. This was kinda fun

Thanks y'all. Peace

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29. I will murder you and eat your flesh

Haha sorry for the violence/graphicness I just got off a 9 hours shift at the mall I work at about 4 hours ago and now I'm on my way in for another 10 hour shift at the same mall. I am tired I am cranky and I will b**** slap anyone who gives me attitude this hour. I may get fired today if my boss f**** with me, or because I'll say no to working tomorrow if he asks

Or I'll end up in the hospital from exhaustion. Either way today might end badly. Wish me luck

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28. Thanksgiving

Well I'm off to enjoy what little of thanksgiving I have before I'm off to work to slave away for those who must Black Friday shop, lol. Anywhosie let's list what I am thankful for

1) I'm thankful that I am alive, and that my life has gone from negative to positive.

2) I'm thankful for my family no matter how insane they make me.

3) I'm thankful for my awesome boyfriend, despite our little issues we have I love the guy, hopefully we can stay together for a long… Continue

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27. The little things

If you read all my posts you'll see that a few days ago I was b******* about how f***** up my family is, sorry for profanity, which they still are but the thing is regardless of that, the things I say and want to do (run away from them and not tell them where I am things like that) I still love them

And this strikes me this year, yesterday I saw a clip of comedian Chris Hardwick from the Talking Dead and he said his father had passed away the day before the episode.

As… Continue

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25 + 26. IM SO USELESS!!!!

haha fooled ya. tis quite the opposite. I am awesome. =]

im helping my boyfriend with his homework, err more like doing it for him but noone needs to know that right? itll be our little secret... wink wink

im horrible for missing so many days but i was busy yesterday. i had work, didnt get home til like 7, played rocksmith, and ate and starting helping my boyfriend with his homework, which has carried over into today. 

he has trouble writing…


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24. The feels

Ah good morning world I figure I get this done now instead of later seeing as I have some walking dead to watch tonite.

But the other day I made my final payment for the cruise and now that the weather is closer and times are getting shitty I can't wait til the cruise.

I recall posting the other day about the drama llama in my life. I figure maybe I should post about it maybe get stuff off my back seek advice kinda thing. My family is in shambles. We might not even have a… Continue

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Day 23- the day of the doctor

It's DOCTOR WHO day y'all! Woo. Lol I got told to leave work early today by my jackass boss. Sooo I left hahah and I might never go back. Muahahahahahahaha

But anyways gotta go doctor who time

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Day 22. Bloop

Idk haha all I know is I'm feeling tons better than I was two days ago. I successfully held down food and beverages. And my stomach no longer feels like little tiny knives are all up in it.

That is all I really care to post today. Now I'm going to be lazy until I decide if I want to go to work tonite or not which i probably will because I get paid today and I'll only be there for a few hours

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Day 20 + 21

I didn't get to post anything yesterday I was too busy being terribly ill, not bein able to hold anything down not even sprite. I assume today will be similar in fashion so I will count this a a double post I don't know what's wrong with me, my parents think it's just good poisoning but my mom ate the same thing I ate, is it possible it didn't affect her? Or can you get food poisioning from a beverage?

Idk but I feel awful. And I don't want to sleep because my body hurts from laying… Continue

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I'm coming undone, in more ways than one

Sorry I just wanted that to rhyme, blah listening to the sweater song also makes me think of Korns Coming Undone haha

But I'm a bit crazy these past few days. Which when time provides has led me to the conclusion I need to write. As for it's the only way I can express my frustration other than confronting the aggravators but how do you confront your own flesh and blood?

I has family drama major family drama

Blah blah blah.

Anyways let's hope… Continue

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Day 18: If you're wondering..

What this is going to be about in not quite sure. I found pants today haha (read two posts ago about my "I'm too skinny rant") unfortunately they cost an arm and a leg ($70) but they fit me good, and right now that's all I really care about

I'm super pumped for Friday because that's pay day and I get to make my last payment for the Cruise that day. Then it's all set and I just need my flight hotel and (maybe) passport.

Umm that's ill post today I'm not really in a posty… Continue

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Day 17. Troublemaker

Anyone in the Illinois area knows that we had a super crazy day today. Tornado threats, touchdowns, crazy winds. A tornado even wiped out a small town in Illinois (Washington, if y'all can take a moment to pray for the small town if religion is your thing) blah Mother Nature is such a troublemaker

I am as well tho haha yesterday I ditched work, for a well needed lazy day. My jack*** boss thinks it's cute to "punish" us like we are children, my "punishment" was getting a day taken off… Continue

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Day 16.

Ugh I don't know what to post about. Today turned into a frustrating day for me. I have to find clothes for my new job and I just can't do it. As in I can't find stuff that fits me.

People claim it's all hunky dorry being skinny. I don't get why people want to be a stick, it's just as bad as being plump if not worse. At least stores are starting to cater to plumper people. Ain't no hope for us skinnies

If I do find clothes it's super expensive and I can't afford… Continue

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WAA. Day 15

I feel like I should be in Weezer addicts anon. Haha this is like so big an issue that I have been bribed by a friend to come to one of his shows with the offer of "well play a Weezer song and dedicate it to you" haha

Which happened minus the direct dedication haha.

First step to solving your problem is admiting you have one haha.

Their band is called 314 on Main Street if your interested, my buddy is the drummer :D

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Day 14- I think I'm turning Japanese

Haha, me and my boyfriend just bought a whole bunch of manga and a Japanese language book so we can learn the language. Maybe if I work really hard I can learn some Japanese before the cruise so if I get a chance to interact with Rivers I can attempt to speak to him in Japanese haha

My boyfriend has been obsessed with the culture lately, him and his friends are starting a manga company thing kinda haha, I figure I can get into it too. But yea that's me for the day


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Day 13- oh baby

Haha sorry I'm on my way to go greet my newest cousin to the world( yay baby!) but as per usual lately I'm not sure what to talk about so I'm just gonna say random s*** and hope it makes sense haha

One of my friends totally is using Weezer against me. He wants me to go to one if his shows and he says they will play a Weezer song and dedicate it to me haha, needless to say if he's that desperate to get me and my bf to go to one of his shows to try and bribe me with Weezer ima do it,… Continue

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Day 12- I don't even know.

This takes serious dedication man. I cant believe I'm still going at this. I'm not really sure what to talk about anymore. Especially pertaining to Weezer. Although I don't I necessarily have to make it pertain to them. But ya know I like to try to. Mmmmm I guess I can really make it pertain to my thoughts right now.

Thought 1:

I just watched the video of Jennifer Lawrence comforting one of her crying fans. This woman is one truely amazing person, and her interactions…


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Day 11- in the mall

Ugh I can't believe I'm still going with this haha. But I'm here a good hour early for work (in the mall, yes I work at a mall) because my mom also works here and she started an hour before in was supposed to so I figure I just start early. Listening to some music in the mean time. Some special goodness :) with pats wonderful singing voice.

I'm a very audio driven person I realized. I listen to music and I break down all the little bits if it that I can. And what not. And I love when… Continue

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Day 9, and 10.

Ima cheat a bit an do a double post because I forgot yesterday and I won't have time today because of work and the walking dead haha.

But it's truly eye opening how big Weezer actually is. I just got out of an 90s night at a bar and they had a Weezer cover band. And you can tell thats who the crowd was there for.

And they rocked it I think. I got compliments from the band and from party goers on my tattoo. Got hit on (blech)

Over all it was a good night. It was… Continue

Added by Adrianadesiree Vega on November 10, 2013 at 12:59am — 2 Comments

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