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Too Close for Comfort.. Co-Incidence. Co-incidental. You see a door... suddenly.....

Weird when you hear songs (  I guess it could be Movies/Tv or Books ) that describe a circumstance, incident or similar, that's just so close to something real in your past, or present life that it seems just too creepily close to be co-incidence. Though, probably is.


Example ONE!: Song '1996' Artist 'The Wombats' Album "The Wombats Proudly Present.. This Modern Glitch"...

Lyric from song: 'She kissed me on the cheek,

                         She kissed me on the…


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Facts of Life (Being a 5.6" Jew in Australia) Continued....

5th October 2011: Never use the ironic phrase "Gee, what did your last slave die of?" when talking to a white South African immigrant. They wont see the irony.

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