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Peace Shalom

Nablopomo has come to an end. I have not done the full 30 posts but I think I have done plenty... I'm new to the "blogging" thing and have never even been consistent with keeping a diary or anything so this was an accomplishment for me :) This is goodbye but also hello as I feel whoever has been reading my posts knows me a little more. With that said I found blog posting to be a little difficult as I don't want my blogs to be too personal and yet I find it hard not to be. Maybe I might start… Continue

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You are my baby

No longer baby but still my baby. The other night I was staring at my daughter sleeping and thinking about how much I love her. Yes there is love for siblings and significant others... But love for your child I feel is a whole other ball game and can also help you appreciate your own parents. It's like a giant ball of super love that just glows inside of you. And then I remember I was once a child too and I have an image in my mind of my mom thinking this same things as she is looking down at… Continue

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So I apologize to you and to anyone else that I hurt too

Last night I made a mess. I got upset about the dumbest thing. Really upset and really dumb thing ( k maybe not so dumb to me or obviously I wouldn't have been upset) I totally lost perspective and was impulsive and said not nice things that I definitely didn't mean and didn't think about the consequences and how it might hurt and affect others around me that I love. Thankfully those that I hurt forgave me as they know me well and know that I can be very impulsive with things I say and I don't… Continue

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Memories make me want to go back there

Oh and I will in February \O/.

Great show!! I love watching Brian's special effects and snazzy moves.. and keep fishing was breathtaking, Scott's dope nose and ridiculous bends never fail, rivers' theatrical performances, impromptu (dunno if was rehearsed but great job), heartfelt performance {swoon} and last but not least so so glad to see pat back and his amazing amazing drum performance at the end and wearing that red stripe T shirt! ( red stripe was my beer of choice in college).… Continue

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I'm going out with my homies and we gonna let it all hang out

Waiting in line for =w= concert and just discussing with ppl out here how awesome Lisa is. She isn't here right now she is stuck outside :( but I want to give a shout out to her. Weezer should really hire her as some sort of marketing guru or something. Just saying

Also all apologies... I haven't been able to post past few days but I'm baaaacckkk

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Watch me unravel I'll soon be naked

If you opened this page up and hoped to find some dirty made an error but I can redirect you... seriously though...eww... move along ...

Anyway I feel so exposed with this blog thingy... I'm a super private person who sometimes has boundary issues :/ go figure...eek see I'm unravelling as I type. Can't wait till this challenge is done before I end up handing out my social security number...kidding. I do still feel kinda exposed though...

Going to be super busy… Continue

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Everybody get dangerous

So I drop off my kiddo at school today and one boy from another classroom sees her. He calls out to her and yells "remember when we smashed the window and there was glass everywhere"!! All the doors are open and the teachers that heard all peek out to the hallway and give me questionable glances. My kid chuckles and I look down and ignore. ({ the story behind this}} We were at an adults birthday party this weekend and all the kiddies ( ages about (3-7)) decided that they were making their own… Continue

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I feel like I've been run over by a truck.

Past few days have been hard. It usually takes some time for things to sink in. It's sinking in... I really had to push myself to get to work today. These are the times that I really wish I could write music. When I was younger I used to try to make my own music with my own "musical" notes by trying to write what I can best describe as basically peaks and valleys of sound on a paper. Wonder if I could find my old "songs" and figure out what I "wrote". Hmmm wondering if writing my jibberish… Continue

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When I look in the mirror I can't believe what I see

Wrinkles and bags!!! What the?? When did this happen?? Any beauty tips? What works for you to get that youthful glow? For me it's a good nights sleep.. Something I haven't been getting much of lately :/

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What's a matter babe are you feeling sick?

Today was one of those days. In a nutshell.. In the morning I was told that we had to attend a funeral ... and while I was on my way to the funeral I had to turn around and pick up my vomiting kiddo from school. It was just one of those days where everything was going wrong in the morning to begin with so maybe it was safest for me to be homebound. Ever have one of those days where you foresee it's going to be rough no matter what? This weekend will be tough. I can't wait until next weekend \O/

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Just Like Walt Disney

My finger tips and toes are frozen to the bone...

That is all for today. I'm too cold to type!


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I'm dreaming in the morning I'm dreaming all through the night

So I'm back from mini vacation and I have a lot of school work and professional work to catch up on now :( I don't mind the school stuff but I feel guilty if I don't finish my professional stuff first... ( I help people for a living which is great but to help you first have to assess what's wrong and then let the person/ family know ... I don't enjoy that part..for obvious reasons). Anyway, sometimes I get stuck and I end up shutting down and going to lala land or super procrastination mode… Continue

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I'm a robot

So I'm out with friends at a club at AC and its all techno music and in dancing but I'm bored. The music just feels so empty. So I started thinking I'm like a robot and then I started dancing like a robot and then we all started dancing like robots. Then things got fun. Anyway.. Still a little bored and then realized I need to do this blog. So yea I think techno music is sad and empty... I wish they would play something else. change it up a bit..Maybe some =w=. Maybe I need… Continue

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Tomorrow... It's only a day away

So I don't want it to be tomorrow... I hate Sundays. I just wrote a whole sob story about my Sundays but of course I deleted it. I think some things might be good for sharing and some are best kept private :) Maybe I still need to get comfortable with the whole blog thing. I guess just even typing it out and "letting it out" on paper or computer screen feels good (like someone is listening) but then I feel the need to delete it all. Just wanted to say thanks to Lisa for inspiring me to even… Continue

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noblopomo. Day=w=atever .. Brain is working overtime...unspoken

I know I missed a day or two :( been busy. Two days ago my song would have been "my brain is working overtime". Now I am moving on to "Unspoken". I'm in undergrad school pursuing a dream( but at the same time I am a working professional with a masters in an unrelated field with a whole different set of cognitive demands). There is a method to my madness and I just have to be strong because I don't have full support from my spouse on this, he thinks its a joke and rather embarrassing. Married… Continue

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Noblopomo time flies

Eeek I have been doing my homework all night and its 2:15 AM!!! With that I'll leave you all with these lyrics .... something better than nothing eh?

Life is moving fast and I'm running out of gas

Time ain't on my side

I'm still in the race and I'm barely keeping pace

But it's worth the ride

Waiting round the corner

There's another sweet surprise

Time flies when you're having fun

Time flies when you live on the run

The harder I go, the… Continue

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Second noblopomo post - national candy day

I have been trying to eat healthy ( no candy in my home) and since October 31st we have had excess candy following a candy shortage. After months of being healthy I have been eating junk non stop... So here I go again. Step one is admitting you have a problem. I am a candy addict and this pops into my head everytime I see it:

I know it isn't right

But still I have to fight

I have to let you know

I don't wanna let you go

The pain is killing me

But I can't let… Continue

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NoBloPoMo. 1st attempt

I haver never been consistent with such things but here I go with my first entry. Not so long ago I was on my way to make a big decision. I kept on questioning myself but Pork and Beans kept on playing in my head. Instead of listening to others around me with their own agendas I listened to my intuition. This song played like a soundtrack that drove the force. It happened to be the exact right moment and I am glad I made this decision. I believe there is some cosmic radio that if you listen… Continue

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